Week of April 19 2016

Inglewood Ball Hockey League off to a flying start for 2016 Season!

April 19 2016

360o Tire Service          8
George's Arena Sports  4
The first game of the new year had a miscommunication and George's end up without their keeper, which 360o Tire take full advantage to get the win. Net nabbers for 360o Tire were Tyson Demings (1g), Chris McCann (1a), Marco Franza (5g), Steve Gardiner (2a), Graham Taylor (3a), Kyle Young (1g,1a), Jeff Ferguson (1a), Mike Vutcher (1a), Kelvin Young (1g,1a), Kyle Jones (1a) and John McClure (1a). George's go to guys were Zach Lyons (2g), Darryl Miles (1a), Sal Iozzo (1g), Jordan Bakla (1a), Liam Winslow (1g), Jason Caruana (1a), and Tony Sousa (1a).

Mr. Handyman      3
We Are Creative    1
In a tight fought match, Mr. Handyman were able to hold on and get the win. Handyman heroes were Anton Ethier from Chris Capobianco, Daniel Leone from Will Pitsadiontis & Alex Tenaglia, and Capobianco from Kent Johnstone & Ethier. We Are Creative's crasher was Mark Hammet from Richard Podzorski & Joshua D'Eri.

Carney Plumbing        5
Caledon Hills Cycling   2
In the last match of the night some old faces on new teams faced off against each other with Carney Plumbing flushing the Cyclers. Brandon Sinclair netted the hat-trick with Shawn Lane bagging the brace for the Plumbers, while Brian Dunn, Dave Phillips, Jesse Rooyakkers & Scott Churly all added assists. Caledon Hills clappers were fired by Kyle Dalcin & Travis Cassar, with assists from the sticks of Geoff Lyons & Dalcin.

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