Week of April 26 & 28, 2016

Double header action in Inglewood Ball Hockey play.

April 26, 2016

We Are Creative           2
George's Arena Sports  2
In an evenly matched game neither team was able to best the other on this night. George's go to guys were Matt Campanella from Zach Lyons, and Liam Winslow from Lyons. We Are got Creative from Joshua D'Eri with both markers and Anthony Mellace with the lone helper.

360o Tire Service        7
Caledon Hills Cycling   1
360o Tire took no chances after falling behind in the first and rolled over the Cyclers. Tire troopers were Marco Franza (4g,2a), Dean  Campbell (1g,1a), Chris McCron (1g,1a), Simon Nicholson (3a), Kyle Young (1g), graham Taylor 91a) and Kelvin Young (1a). Caledon Hills lone sniper was Kyle Dalcin from Travis Cassar & Geoff Lyons.

Mr. Handyman       3
Carney Plumbing    1
in a close one Mr. Handyman dropped the hammer and took the win from the Plumbers. Handyman howlers were Robert Keszeg from JT Gore & Ryan Hartman, Keszeg from Kristian McMillan & Alex Tenaglia, and Chris Capobianco from Kent Johnstone & Nathan Irvine. Carney's lone lamp lighter was Scott Churly from Pete Davis.

April 28, 2016

360o Tire Service   4
Carney Plumbing    0
In the first shut-out of the season Dylan Berry backstopped the Tire Service to the win. Net nabbers for 360o were Kelvin Young from Mike Vutcher & Kyle Jones, Vutcher from Kyle Young, Jeff Ferguson from Young & Tyson Dennings, and Jones from Marco Franza & Kyle Young.

George's Arena Sports  4
Mr. Handyman             2
In a close one the guys from George's were able to hobble the Handymen and get the win. George's gate crashers were Matt Campanella (unassisted), Campanella from Zach Lyons & Liam Winslow, Jordan Bokla from Darryl Miles, and Sal Iozzo from Lyons. Handyman heroes were Nathan Irvine from Will Pitsadiontis & Kristian McMillan, and Daniel Leone from Chris Capobianco & JT Gore.

Caledon Hills Cycling   3
We Are Creative          0
In the final game, substitute keeper, Brandon Sinclair earned the goose-egg for the Cycling crew. Cycling scorers were Travis Cassar from Dave Philips & Kyle Dalcin, Matt White (unassisted), and Cassar from Philips & Albert Bettridge.

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