Week of May 17 2016

Big scores and hot tempers prevail in Inglewood Ball Hockey League action on last night in Inglewood Arena

May 17, 2016

Caledon Hills Cycling  6
Carney Plumbing        1
Kyle Dalcin was the show stealer for the Caledon Hills Cycling crew putting in 5 of their 6 markers against Carney Plumbing. Dave Philips added the other Cycling goals with Travis Cassar, Geoff Lyons, Ian Dunn, Matt White, Rick Gowdy, Peter Anselmi, and Philips getting helpers. Carney's lone bin bulger was Gabriel Donovan from Jesse Rooyakkers & Todd Elson.

George's Arena Sports  6
360o Tire Service          2
In a temper filled last 3 minutes of the game George's were able to hold on and get the win over the Tire Service boys.  George's goo to guys were Jody Spagnol with the hat-trick and Chris Bernardi, Zac Lyons & Tony Sousa adding singles. Assists were from the sticks of Darryl Miles, Lyons, Jake Stronach, Sousa, Tony DeFazio, Kody Stronach, & Gus Kourousis. 360o burner was Marco Franza with both, helped by Kelvin Young, Kyle Jones & Graham Taylor.

Mr. Handyman     4
We Are Creative   1
Mr. Handyman played a well executed game and handled the We Are Creative bunch to take the win. Lamp lighters for the Mr. Handyman team were Chris Capobianco (unassisted), Anton Ethier from JT Gore & Capobianco, Robert Keszeg from Will Pitsadiontis & Jonathan Gargaro, and Capobianco from Adrian DiCarlatonio & Alex Tenaglia. We Are Creative's goal getter was Joshua D'Eri from keeper Kyle Bachorski.

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