Week of May 24, 2016

4's were the magic number for all three IBHL games this week.

May 24, 2016

Carney Plumbing 4
Mr. Handyman    1
Carney Plumbing came out tough and flushed the opposing Mr. Handyman crew getting the victory. Lamp lighters for Carney were Bryan Sinclair from Jesse Rooyakkers, Terry Leonard from Gabriel Donovan & Shawn Lane, Ryan Zimmerman from Rooyakkers, and Donovan from Rooyakkers & Brian Dunn. Mr. Handyman's marker came from Chris Capobianco with Adrian DiCarlatonio & JT Gore getting the helpers.

George's Arena Sports   4
We Are Creative            1
George's guys came out flying and took it to the Creative crew to get the win. George's goal getters were Zac Lyons from Jody Spagnol & Jake Stronach, Stronach from Phil Iozzo & Gus Kourousis, Lyons from Stronach & Jordan Bokla, and Lyons from Spagnol. We Are Creative's creator was Joshua D'Eri from Anthony Mellace & Gavin D'Eri.

360o Tire Service        4
Caledon Hills Cycling   0
The tire guys laid the rubber down in the 2nd frame and netted all four of their goals to earn Dylan Berry the shut-out. Bin bulgers for 360o were Kelvin Young from Jacob Mota-Wyatt, Mota-Wyatt from Rocco Manicone, Nicholas Adams from Mike Vutcher, and Adams from Young & Vutcher.

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