Week of June 7 2016

Ties and near ties were on the floor for this week's IBHL games.

June 07, 2016

Mr. Handyman      3
360o Tire Service   3
Each team traded shots in the 1st, going into the 2nd tied at 0's. The second saw Nicholas Adams from Kyle Jones bag one for 360o Tire Service, not to be out done JT Gore from Adrian DiCarlatonio & Ryan Hartman answered back for Mr. Handyman. Daniel Leone from Nathan Irvine & Hartman netted one early in the 3rd to give Mr. Handyman the lead, 360o Tire Service answered back (while short by 2 players) when Marco Franza from Jones & Kyle Young found the back of the twine tent. Late in the third, Franza was given a penalty shot and put the Tire guys ahead, Mr. Handyman wasn't finished and in the final 1:30 of the game Robert Keszeg from Leone & Kristian McMillan tied things up so no winner was determined.

George's Arena Sports  3
Caledon Hills Cycling     2
In a tight battle George's Arena Sports were able to eke out a win with a strong 3rd frame over the Caledon Hills Cycling crew. The first saw Dave Philips from Geoff Lyons, and Lyons from Phillips put the Caledon Hills Cycling crew on top. The 2nd saw no one able to best the keepers. Period 3 saw George's get some life when Jody Spagnol from Liam Winslow & Gus Kourousis, Spagnol from Tony DiFazio & Kourousis, and Zac Lyons from Matt Campanella & Chris Bernardi lit the lamp and got the win.

Carney Plumbing  0
We Are Creative   0
In a back and forth battle neither team could get one past the keepers on this night. Kyle Bachorski for We Are Creative and Eddy Gaffney for Carney Plumbing stood tall and turned away all.

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