Week of June 14 & 16 2016

2 nights of hot play and hot tempers in IBHL action.

June 14, 2016

Mr. Handyman           5
Caledon Hills Cycling  4
After keeping it close for the 1st 2 frames Caledon Hills Cycling couldn't stop the Mr. Handyman crew from taking the victory in the third. Net nabbing for Mr. Handyman were Chris Capobianco from Anton Ethier, Daniel Leone from JT Gore & Will Pitsadiontis, Capobianco from Pitsadiontis & Mariah Poulin, Capobianco (unassisted), and Pitsadiontis from Leone. Caledon Hills Cycling go to guys were Albert Bettridge (unassisted), Travis Cassar from Kyle Dalcin, Kurt Snell (unassisted), and Terry Masters from Dave Phillips.

George's Arena Sports  6
Carney Plumbing          4
In a tight one George's Arena Sports took advantage of the shorter benched Carney Plumbing crew and took the win in the 3rd. George's goal getters were Zac Lyons (2), Jason Caruana, Sal Iozzo (2),& Jody Spagnol, with helpers from the sticks of Matt Campanella, Caruana, Spagnol, Jordan Bokla, Darryl Miles & Lyons. Carney lamp lighters were Jesse Rooyakkers from Pete Davis, Gabriel Donovan (unassisted), Shawn Lane from Rooyakkers & Brandon Sinclair, & Terry Leonard from Donovan & Rooyakkers.

360o Tire Service  2
We Are Creative   1
In another tight one, 360o tire Service were able to sneak one past We Are Creative and score the win. Tire bin bulgers were Mike Vutcher with both, helped by Marco Franza & Kyle Jones. We Are's creativity came from Mark Zijlstra with Josh Rowland getting the assist.

June 16, 2016

Mr. Handyman    2
We Are Creative  0
John Malanca stood tall for the Mr. Handyman team and earned the shut-out to get the win over We Are Creative. Nathan Irvine (unassisted) and Daniel Leone from Irvine & JT Gore got it done on the scoreboard for the Handyman side.

Caledon Hills Cycling  7
Carney Plumbing        3
Caledon Hills Cycling took full advantage of the short benched Carney Plumbing Crew and pedaled themselves to victory. Caledon Hills twine ticklers were Matt White, Albert Bettridge, Ian Dunn, Terry Masters, Dave Phillips (2), & Kyle Dalcin. Helpers were from Geoff Lyons, White, Kurt Snell, Dalcin, Travis Cassar 7 Bettridge. Carney goal getters were Brandon Sinclair (20 & Ryan Zimmerman, with assists from Brian Dunn, Pete Davis, Terry Leonard & Todd Elson.

George's Arena Sports  4
360o Tire Service         3
In a game that saw multiple penalties George's Arena Sports were able to best the 360o Tire Service team. Goal getters for George's were Zac Lyons from Chris Bernardi & Jake Stronach, Jordan Bokla (unassisted), Sal Iozzo from Lyons & Matt Campanella, and Lyons (unassisted). Tire Service stickers were Frankie Carricatio from Kyle Young, Mike Vutcher from Travis Bannon & Tyson Demings, and Rocco Manicone from Jacob Power .

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