Week of June 21, 2016

Big scores and short benches were the order of business on this night of IBHL action.

June 21, 2016

360o Tire Service       8
Caledon Hills Cycling  3
Tyler Bannon took charge of the 360o Tire Service team and netted 4 for the win over the short benched Caledon Hills Cycling crew. Other goal getters for 360 were Kelvin Young (2), Kyle Jones & john McClure with assists from the sticks of Young, Jones, Tyson Demings, Mike Vutcher, Simon Nicholson & Lawrence Borden. Caledon Hills hammers were dropped by Terry Masters, Dave Philips & Albert Bettridge with the help of Phillips, Masters, Kurt Snell, Travis Cassar & Matt White.

Mr. Handyman    4
Carney Plumbing 1
Nathan Irvine netted the hat-trick with Daniel Leone getting the single to lift the Mr. Handyman team over the Carney Plumbing bunch. Helping out in the winning cause were Leone, Irvine, Robert Keszeg & Chris Capobianco. Carney's go to guy was Sandy Shand from Scott Churly.

George's Arena Sports  6
We Are Creative           0
Donato Dorizio was able to block all comers and get the shut-out to earn the George's Arena Sports gang the win over We Are Creative. Lighting the lamp for George's were Jordan Bokla (1g,1a), Phil Iozzo (2a), Jake Stronach (1g), Sal Iozzo (2g), Zac Lyons (1g,3a) & Jody Spagnol (1g,3a).

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