Week of July 5 & 7, 2016

Double week of action to round out regular season play in IBHL.

July 05, 2016

Mr. Handyman             4
George's Arena Sports  0
John Malanca stood tall and tuned away all of George's Arena Sports' chance for Mr. Handyman. Getting on the score sheet for Mr. Handyman were Kent Johnstone from JT Gore & Ryan Hartman, Chris Capobianco from Phil DeFrancesco & Hartman, Daniel Leone from Will Pitsadiontis & Alex Tenaglia, and Nathan Irvine from Leone.

We Are Creative         0
Caledon Hills Cycling   0
In a battle of the net-minders neither team could get one past George Robinson (Caledon Hills Cycling) or Kyle Bachorski (We Are Creative).

360o Tire Service  6
Carney Plumbing  2
360o Tire Service were running on full throttle and were able to pull away from Carney Plumbing. Net nabbers for 360o Tire Service were Mike Vutcher from Marco Franza, Kelvin Young from Jeff Ferguson, Franza (unassisted), Young (unassisted), Vutcher (unassisted), and Frankie Carricatio from Dustin Bins & Kyle Jones. Carney's go to guy was Brandon Sinclair with the brace, with Ryan Zimmerman and Morgan Malloy (goalie) getting the assists.

July 07, 2016

Carney Plumbing 5
We Are Creative  3
In a good tight match Carney was able to end the regular season with a win heading into the round robin next week over We Are Creative. Shane Lane & Chris Unwin were able to net a pair each with Scott Churly adding the single while Ryan Zimmerman, Sandy Shand, Eddy Gaffney & Todd Elson added assists. for Carney. We Are Creative markers were by JP, Gavin & Josh D'Eri all unassisted.

Mr. Handyman       3
360o Tire Service   1
In another close one Mr. handyman was able to secure 1st place with the win over 360o Tire Service. Robert Keszeg with the pair and Kristian McMillan were the goal getters for Handyman with Philip DeFrancesco getting a pair of helpers. Mike Vutcher from Nick Adams was the lone offense for 360o Tire Service.

George's Arena Sports  6
Caledon Hills Cycling    0
George's dug deep and were able to get the win to move them into 2nd spot over Caledon Hills Cycling. Point getters for George's were Josh Conway (3g,2a), Justin Fiorini (1g,1a), Mike Volpe (2a), Coby Stronach (2a), Jake Stronach (1g,1a), Liam Winslow (1g), Phil Iozzo (1a), & Matt Campanella (1a).


Final standing for the 2016 regular season are:

1st - Mr. Handyman
2nd - George's Arena Sports
3rd - 360o Tire Service
4th - Carney Plumbing
5th - Caledon Hills Cycling
6th - We Are Creative

Round robin play begins on Tuesday July 12th at 7:30pm sharp!

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