Week of August 2 & 4, 2016

Double night of IBHL action to end round robin play has short-benches and short fuses to end the last nights.

Aug 02 2016

Carney Plumbing   0
We Are Creative    0
Both tenders stood tall and stopped all the balls as Kyle Bachorski (We Are Creative) and Eddy Gaffney (Carney Plumbing) both earned goose-eggs on this night.

360o Tire Service        4
Caledon Hills Cycling   3
In a nail biter 360o Tire Service were able to come back in the final minute to earn the win over Caledon Hills Cycling. 360o Tire Service goal getters were Nick Adams with the hat-trick and Marco Franza with the single, assists were from Kyle Jones, Kelvin Young, Adams, Travis Bannon & Jeff Ferguson. Caledon Hills hackers were Travis Cassar from Kyle Dalcin, Dave Phillips (unassisted), and Ian Dunn from Terry Masters and Phil Anselmi.

Mr Handyman             10
George's Arena Sports  1
Mr. Handyman continued on their roll as they defeated George's Arena Sports. Point getters for Mr. Handyman were Will Pitsadiontis, Kent Johnstone, Jonathan Gargaro, Daniel Leone, Alex Tenaglia, Kristian McMillan, JT Gore, Ryan Hartman, Robert Keszeg, Mariah Poulin & Adrian DiCarlatonio. George's go to guy was Phil Iozzo from Zac Lyons & Sal Iozzo.

Aug 04 2016

Caledon Hills Cycling  1
We Are Creative         0
Fill in goalie Chris Unwin stopped all callers for Caledon Hills Cycling as they eked past We Are Creative. The lone goal came from Matt White with help from Kyle Dalcin & Dave Phillips.

Carney Plumbing  5
Mr. Handyman     2
Carney Plumbing took full advantage of the short-benched Mr Handyman team and handed them their first loss of the round robin. Bin bulgers for Carney were Brandon Sinclair from Tyler Cameron, Chris Unwin from Ryan Zimmerman & Cameron, Gabriel Donovan from Unwin, Zimmerman from Sinclair & Scott Churly, and Zimmerman from Todd Elson. Handyman hammers were by JT Gore from Alex Tenaglia, and Robert Keszeg from Jonathan Gargaro & Adrian DiCarlatonio.

360o Tire Service         6
George's Arena Sports  5
Both teams were short-benched and had even shorter fuses on this night with both teams racking up over double digits in penalties (the most penalties called in a single game in the entire season). Point getters for 360o Tire Service were Marco Franza (3g,2a), Nick Adams (2g), Kelvin Young (1g,1a), Kyle Jones (2a), & Tyson Demings (1a). George's guys were Liam Winslow (1g,1a), Jake Stronach (2g, 1a), Phil Iozzo (1a), Sal Iozzo (1g, 2a), Jordan Bokla (1g,1a) & Matt Campanella (1a).

Final standings after the Round Robin:

1st - Mr. Handyman - 20 points
2nd - 360o Tire Service - 16.5 points
3rd - Carney Plumbing - 14.5 points
4th - George's Arena Sports - 13.5 points
5th - Caledon Hills Cycling - 6 points
6th - We Are Creative - 4 points

Semi-finals set August 09, 2016 Bolton Arena:

7:30pm - 360o Tire Service vs. Carney Plumbing
8:30pm - Mr. Handyman vs. George's Arena Sports

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