Week of August 9 & 11, 2016

IBHL wraps up season 30 with 360o Tire Service claiming the championship.

Semi-finals August 9, 2016

360o Tire Service   2
Carney Plumbing    1
In the first semi-final matchup 360o Tire Service fought hard and were able to get past Carney Plumbing. Net nabbers for 360o Tire Service were Marco Franza from Mike Vutcher, and Vutcher from Franza. Carney's lone lamp lighter was Chris Unwin from Scott Churly.

George's Arena Sports  4
Mr. Handyman             1
In a bit of a surprise the 1st place Mr. Handyman squad fell to the aggressive play of George's Arena Sports and were eliminated. George's go to guys were Jody Spagnol from Sal Iozzo, Phil Iozzo from Matt Campanella & Liam Winslow, Chris Bernardi from Winslow, and Jake Stronach from Winslow. Mr. Handyman's hammer was dropped by Kristian McMillan from Will Pitsadiontis & Ryan Hartman.

Finals - August 11, 2016

360o Tire Service         6
George's Arena Sports  3
In a hard fought battle 360o Tire Service were able to come out on top and get the championship over George's Arena Sports. Marco Franza led the charge for 360o Tire Service potting 3 while Nick Adams added a pair and Kelvin Young got the single. Helpers for 360o Tire Service were from the sticks of Franza, Kyle Jones, Chris McCron and Simon Nicholson. George's goal getters were Jody Spagnol, Zac Lyons & Jake Stronach, with assists from Tony Sousa, Jordan Bokla, Sal Iozzo, Liam Winslow and Chris Bernardi.


This ends the 30th year of the Inglewood Ball Hockey League and we would like to thank the participants for making it one of the best years in history. I would like to also thank out referees, timekeepers, and the Caledon Citizen & Caledon Enterprise for all they did for us. On a personal note I would like to thank my wife Lesley for all that she does to help me run this league and for her support! Thanks again to all involved and we are looking forward to year 31 in 2017. We hope everyone has a safe and fun filled fall and winter and hope to see you all next spring. Keep your stick on the floor and your balls orange.

Keep on checking the website - for more information for next season.

Brian & Lesley, Owners IBHL

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