Week of May 16 & 18, 2017

2 night of IBHL action May 16 & 18th has big scores and close games.

May 16, 2017

We Are Creative   3
360o Tire Service  1
In a rare turn of events 360o Tire Service got taken by surprise and were handed their first loss of the year by We Are Creative. Creative capturers were Dillon Col from Joshua D’Eri, Michael O’Reilly from Mike Gignac, and Gignac from O’Reilly. 360o Tire Service’s lone marker was Marco Franza from Kelvin Young & Frankie Carricatio.

Mr. Handyman  Headwaters 6
Caledon Hills Cycling           0
John Malanca stood tall and turned away all getting Mr. Handyman the win. Point getters for Handyman were Robert Keszeg, Joseph Lupo, Steven DeFrancesco, Daniel Leone, Jonathan Gargaro, JT Gore, Adrian DiCarlatonio, and Anthony Figliano.

George’s Arena Sports  11
Carney Plumbing           1
Point getters for George’s were Michael Volpe, Matt Scida, Nick Franseze, Jaden Peca, Chris Della Morra, Anthony Villari, JP Labardo, Adam Fraccaro & Matt Ricci. Carney’s lone mark was Brandon Sinclair from Elliott Draga & Marc Denis.

May 18, 2017

Carney Plumbing       3
Caledon Hills Cycling  3
In a battle of the back-up tenders both teams played to the draw, not being able to better the other. Caledon Hills Cycling go to guys were Kurt Snell from Albert Bettridge, Terry Masters from Snell, and Michael Paschalis from Snell & Travis Cassar. Brandon Sinclair got the hat-trick for Caney with help from Brian Dunn, Shawn Lane & Chris Unwin.

360o Tire Service         7
George’s Arena Sports 2
360o Tire Service got back to their winning way with a win over George’s. Point getters for 360o Tire Service were Kelvin Young, Marco Franza, Nick Adams, Chris McCron, Frankie Carricatio, Jacob Moto-Dias, & Mike Ferguson. George’s go to guys were Chris Mete from Chris Stirpe, and Chris Della Morra from Mete & Stirpe.

We Are Creative 4
Mr. Handyman   1
We Are Creative stayed on the winning track handing the loss to Mr. Handyman. Creativeness for the Creative crew came from Dillon Cole from Jacob Mota-Dias, Brandon Sinclair, Mota-Dias from Sinclair & Cole, & Mota-Dias from Cole and Joshua D’Eri. Handyman’s hammer was dropped by Robert Keszeg from Joseph Lupo & Daniel Leone.

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