Week of May 30, 2017

IBHL action has closer games to end out the month of May.

May 30, 2017

We Are Creative        6
Caledon Hills Cycling  2
Picking up some substitute players was just what the doctor ordered for the We Are Creative crew as the subs were able to put them over the top and get the win over the Caledon Hills Cycling gang. We Are whackers were Michael McKee from Sandra Perdeaux, Jacob Mota from Rocco Manicone, Mota from Manicone, Jacob Power from Manicone & Joshua D’Eri, Dave Rocha from Manicone & Mota, and McKee from Rocha & Power. Caledon Hills cyclers were Terry Masters from Albert Bettridge, and Kyle Dalcin from Masters.

360o Tire Service  4
Carney Plumbing  3
360o Tire Service rolled over Carney Plumbing in a tight match and were able to sneak out a win. 360 goal getters were Kelvin Young from Marco Franza & Jeff Ferguson, Franza from Frankie Carricatio, Franza from Dustin Buss, and Travis Bannon from Young. Carney lamp lighters were Jacob Mota, Elliott Draga, and Mota.

George’s Arena Sports  5
Mr. Handyman             3
George’s Arena Sports thought they had the game all wrapped up going into the 3rd frame up 3-0,  Mr. Handyman came alive in the last minute to make it close. George’s go to guys were Anthony Villari from Steve Pasceri, Chris Stirpe from Luigi D’Agostino, Chris Gikov from JP Labardo, Chris Mete from Stirpe, and Villari from Labardo & Matt Ricci. Handyman hammers were dropped by Robert Keszeg from Steven DeFrancesco, Will Pitsadiontis from Keszeg, and Jonathan Gargaro from Keszeg & DeFrancesco.

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