Week of June 06 & 08 2017

Double nights of action in Inglewood Ball Hockey League play.

June 06, 2017

360o Tire Service 7
Mr. Handyman     2
360 Tire turned up the heat and pulled out the victory over Mr. Handyman stealing the show in the 3rd with 5 goals. 360 Tire troopers were Marco Franza from Nick Adams, Wendle Simpson from Andy Williams & Jeff Ferguson, Kyle Jones from Ferguson & Williams, Franza from Kelvin Young & Ferguson, Williams from Dustin Buss & Franza, Simpson from Adams, and Simpson from Adams & Jake Sterritt. Handyman hammers were dropped by Will Pitsadiontis from Anthony Figliano, and Robert Keszeg from Steven DeFrancesco.

George’s Arena Sports  5
Caledon Hills Cycling    0
In a much calmer match than their previous meeting George’s showed that they could play the game and took the shut-out win. Net nabbers for George’s were Justin Figliano from Anthony Villari & Chris Della Morra, Villari from Della Morra & Nick Franseze, Chris Mete (unassisted), Villari from Della Morra & Matt Scida, and Chris Gikov from Mete & Chris Stirpe.

We Are Creative  3
Carney Plumbing 1
In a tight match, We Are Creative were able to take out Carney Plumbing and get the win. We Are creators were Dillon Cole from Sandra Perdeaux & Paul Zijlstra, Jacob Power from Perdeaux & Rocco Manicone, and Mark Zijlstra from Cole & Joshua D’Eri.

June 08, 2017

Mr. Handyman           4
Caledon Hills Cycling  1
 Mr. Handyman dropped the hammer on Caledon Hills Cycling getting the win. Handyman net nabbers were Daniel Leone (unassisted), Leone from Joseph Lupo, Nathan Forer from JT Gore & Philip DeFrancesco, and Gore from Leone & Will Pitsadiontis. Cycling cyclone was Dave Phillips from James Thompson.

George’s Arena Sports  6
Carney Plumbing          1
George’s shut off the flow from Carney and took the victory. George’s go to guys were Luigi D’Agostino from Mike Volpe & Matt Scida, D’Agostino from Justin Fiorini & Adam Fraccaro, Chris Gikov from Volpe & D’Agostino, Fiorini from Volpe, Volpe from D’Agostino, and Scida (unassisted). Carney’s lone marks man was John Cameron from Bryan Sinclair & Sandy Shand.

360o Tire Service 2
We Are Creative  1
In a nail biter, 360 Tire put the pedal to the metal and were able to win by a hair over We Are Creative. Bin bulgers for 360 were Mike Vutcher from Andy Williams & Travis Bannon, and Williams (unassisted). We Are got creative with Joshua D’Eri from Dillon Cole.

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