Week of June 13, 2017

Heading into the last 3rd of the regular season sees close games and quite a few goals.

June 13, 2017

Mr. Handyman    3
We Are Creative  3
In a close game neither team could best the other as Mr. handyman and We Are Creative drew to a tie. Net nabbing for We Are Creative were Gavin D’Eri from David Dlugozimc, Dlugozimc from Tony Sousa, and Dlugozimc from Sousa and Joshua Power. Handyman hammers were dropped by Steven DeFrancesco from Daniel Leone & Philip DeFrancesco, S. DeFrancesco from P. DeFrancesco, and Joseph Lupo (unassisted).

Carney Plumbing       6
Caledon Hills Cycling  6
| In a wild shootout both teams padded the player stats and seemed to leave the goalies alone as both Caledon Hills Cycling and Carney got a half a dozen goals. Lamp lighters for Caledon Hills were Peter Anselmi from Geoff Lyons & Kurt Snell, Kyle Dalcin from Richard Lyons, Dalcin (unassisted), G. Lyons from Dave Philips, James Thompson from Dalcin, and Phillips from R. Lyons. Carney cage crashers were Sandy Shand (unassisted), John Cameron from Brandon Sinclair, Cody Schindel from Shand & Aaron Cameron, Evan Del from Shand & John Simoes, Simoes (unassisted), and Chris Unwin from Terry Leonard.

360o Tire Service         4
George’s Arena Sports 1
360o Tire Service were only ones able to get a win this week, but it did take them until late in the 3rd to guarantee it over George’s Arena Sports. 360o Tire Service snipers were Andy Williams from Mike Vutcher, Marco Franza from Vutcher, Williams from Vutcher & Jeff Ferguson, and Franza 9unassisted). George’s go to guy was Justin Fiorini from Chris Mete.

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