Week of June 20 & 22, 20017

Double header week in IBHL action.

June 20, 2017

360o Tire Service       4
Caledon Hills Cycling  3
In a close on 360 Tire were able to net one late in the 3rd to steal the victory over Caledon Hills Cycling. 360 Tire treads were left by Nick Adams from Frankie Carricatio & Kyle Young, Andy Williams from Kyle Jones, Williams (unassisted), and Carricatio from Adams & Mike Ferguson. Caledon Hills crashers were Phil Anselmi from Peter Anselmi, Kyle Dalcin from Richard Podzorski & Ian Dunn, and Podzorski from Kurt Snell.

Mr. Handyman      7
Carney Plumbing   3
Mr. Handyman woke up in the 3rd getting 5 markers and blasting past Carney Plumbing for the win. Handyman bin bashers were Nathan Forer (3g,2a), Daniel Leone (1g,1a), JT Gore (1a), Joseph Lupo (2g,2a), Robert Keszeg (3a), Philip DeFrancesco (2a), Kristian McMillan (1a), and Anthony Figliano (1a). Carney goal getters were Tyler Hardcastle from Sandy Shand and goalie Shale Wagman, Chris Unwin from Terry Leonard & Brandon Sinclair, and John Cameron from Hardcastle.

George’s Arena Sports  5
We Are Creative           3
In another close one George’s were able to pull out a win over We Are Creative. George’s goal getters were Luigi D’Agostino from Mike Volpe & Matt Scida, Chris Stirpe from Volpe, D’Agostino from Steve Pasceri & Volpe, Volpe from D’Agostino, and Justin Fiorini from Scida & Chris Della Morra. We Are creators were Joshua D’Eri with 2 and Gavin D’Eri with the single, assists were from Mike O’Reilly & Jon Simoes.

June 22, 2017

George’s Arena Sports  8
Carney Plumbing           2
Point getters for George’s were mike Volpe, Justin Fiorini, Luigi D’Agostino, Nick Franseze, Matt Ricci, Matt Scida, Adam Fraccaro. Carney Plumbing placer was Chris Unwin with both and Shawn Lane, Sandy Shand, Marc Denis & Terry Leonard with helpers.

360o Tire Service  3
We Are Creative    2
360 Tire were able to pull it off once more this week getting their 2nd narrow margin victory of the wee this time over We Are Creative. 360 go to guys were Andy Williams (unassisted), Marco Franza from Jake Sterritt & Mike Vutcher, and Travis Bannon from Nick Adams & Williams. We Are Creative crashers were Jon Simoes from Rocco Manicone & Paul Zijlstra, and David Dlugozima.

Mr. Handyman          3
Caledon Hills Cycling  2
The last game of the night saw Mr Handyman hold on for the win over Caledon Hills Cycling. Handyman hammers were dropped by Will Pitsadiontis from Kristian McMillan, Nathan Forer from Joseph Lupo & Adrian DiCarlatonio, and Pitsadiontis from Steven DeFrancesco & Phil DeFrancesco. Caledon Hills cyclers were Albert Bettridge (unassisted), and Dave Philipps from Terry Masters & Ian Dunn.

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