week of June 27, 2017

Last night of IBHL in Inglewood arena for 2017 has lots of goals, next week the games are moving to Bolton arena.

June 27 2017

George’s Arena Sports  6
Mr. Handyman             4
George’s took full advantage of the very short benched Mr. Handyman squad and took the win. George’s go to guys were Chris Della Morra, Luigi D’Agostino, Chris Stirpe, and Chris Mete, with help from Steve Pasceri, Mete, Chris Gikov, Della Morra, Matt Scida, Stirpe, & Matt Ricci. Handyman howlers were Daniel Leone with the hat-trick & Steven DeFrancesco with the single, helped by Brandon Sinclair, Will Pitsadiontis, Philip De Francesco, Jonathan Gargaro, and Joseph Lupo.

Caledon Hills Cycling 2
We Are Creative        2
In a nail biter, neither We Are Creative nor Caledon Hills Cycling could best the other. Caledon Hills peddlers were Kurt Snell from James Thompson & Richard Lyons, and Kyle Dalcin (unassisted). We Are got their creativity from Jacob Power & Jonathan Simoes, with Jacob Moto & Tony Sousa helping out.

360o Tire Service  9
Carney Plumbing  0
360o Tire Service showed no mercy handing Dylan Berry his 3rd shut-out of the year over Carney Plumbing. Point getters for 360o Tire were Marco Franza, Kelvin Young, Frankie Carricatio, Kyle Jones, Simon Nicholson, Lawrence Borden, Wendle Simpson, Mike Vutcher, Andy Williams, Mike Ferguson, & Jake Sterritt.

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