Week of August 01 2017

Last week of Round Robin play and semifinals to start the month of August in IBHL play.

August 1, 2017

Caledon Hills Cycling  2
We Are Creative         2
In a nail biter neither team could best the other on this night as We Are Creative and Caledon Hills Cycling battled to a draw. Net nabbing for the Cyclers were Travis Cassar from Dave Philips, and Michael Paschalis from Kyle Dalcin, We Are Creative creators were michael O’Rielly from Tony Sousa, and Joshua D’Eri from Sousa.

Mr. Handyman   10
Carney Plumbing 5
Mr. Handyman was able to take full advantage of the short-benched Carney Plumbing Crew and gain a spot in the final four. Point getters for Handyman were Will Pitsadiontis, Daniel Leone, Joseph Lupo, Robert Keszeg, Steven DeFrancesco, Kristian McMillan, and Anthony Figliano. Carney goal getters were Shawn Lane with the hat-trick and Jesse Rooyakkers with a pair. Assists were from Rooyakkers, Terry Leonard, Sandy Shand, and Brian Dunn.

George’s Arena Sports  3
360o Tire Service          2
In another close one George’s were able to hold off 360 Tire and get the win. Lamp Lighting for George’s were Jayden Peca from JP Labardo & Chris Della Morra, Chris Mete from Chris Stirpe & Joe Celebre, and Labardo from Della Morra. 360 Tire bin bulgers were Travis Bannon from Mike Ferguson & Kelvin Young, and Andy Williams from Kyle Jones & Bannon.

Semi-Finals match ups – George’s vs. Mr. Handyman, 360 Tire Service vs. We Are Creative

August 03, 2017 Semi Finals

360o Tire Service 7
We Are Creative  3
In a tight match for the first 2 frames 360o Tire Service pulled out all the stops in the 3rd and took the game from We Are Creative. Tickling the twine tent for 360o Tire Service were Marco Franza from Kelvin Young, Nick Adams (unassisted), Mike Ferguson from Adams, Franza from Andy Williams & Young, Adams from Ferguson & Williams, Williams from Young and Buss from Williams. We Are Creative crashers were Tony Sousa (unassisted), Dave Delugozima from Joshua D’Eri, and Dave from Delugozima.

George’s Arena Sports  4
Mr. Handyman             3
In a tight one George’s were able to hang on and take the win over Mr. Handyman. Net nabbing for George’s were JP Labardo from Matt Scida & Chris Stirpe, Scida from Justin Fiorini & Chris Della Morra, Labardo from Jayden Peca & Chris Mete, and Peca from Chris Gikov & Joe Celebre. Handyman hammers were dropped by Jonathan Gargaro from Robert Keszeg & Joseph Lupo, Daniel Leone (unassisted) and Lupo from Keszeg & Leone.

Finals set for August 08, 2017 – George’s vs. 360o Tire Service

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