Week of August 08 2017

IBHL finals sees game go to overtime for the first time in 31 seasons.

August 08, 2017

George’s Arena Sports  5 (OT)
360o Tire Service          4
 In a fantastic game that saw end to end action with each team giving no quarter to the other, it over-time to finally decide this one with George’s getting one in past 360o Tire Service with less than 5 minutes to go in the extra frame. Leading the charge for George’s were Chris Gikov from Joe Celebre, JP Labardo from Jayden Peca & Nick Franseze, Matt Scida from Labardo & Chris Mete, Labardo from Peca & Anthony Villari, and Labardo with OT winner unassisted. 360o Tire Service snipers were Andy Williams (unassisted), Lawrence Borden from Mike Vutcher, Williams from Marco Franza, and Travis Bannon from Franza.

We at the IBHL would like to thank everyone involved for another great season. I would like to especially thank the referees and Lesley (my wife) for the time keeping. Thanks also to the sponsors, both team and otherwise, your support is appreciated! Thanks also to the players, the arena staff and the Town of Caledon. This season wasn’t without its challenges, but overall it was a great year, who would have thought 31 years ago that we would still be going strong and planning for year 32!

Have a safe and enjoyable fall and winter, see you next spring. Stay up to date at for the upcoming season in 2018. We are always looking for new adult (18+) players (male and female), teams, sponsors and anyone who would like to be involved.

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