Week of April 19 2018

Year 32 of the Inglewood Ball Hockey League has started and this season has seen the league grow back to 8 teams.

Lockyer + Hein    4
360o Tire Service 2
The first match of the 2018 season had the runners up from 2017 360o Tire Service taking on new comers Lockyer + Hein only to see them fall short and take a loss. Lockyer + Hein go to guys were Jonathan Simoes (unassisted), Wesley Schindel from Cody Schindel and Claudio Gallippi, W. Schindel from C. Schindel & Aaron Lopes, and C. Schindel from Rocco Manicone & David Dlugozima. 360 bin bulgers were Kyle Ruhl from Kelvin Young & Simon Nicholson, and Kelvin Young from Kyle Young & Ruhl.

Caledon Hills Cycling 5
Fisker Contracting     0
In the first shut-out of the year Dave Phillips stood tall and turned away all for the Caledon Hills Cycling crew as they defeated the newly minted Fisker Contracting. Cycler’s cycles were Jordan Cassell from Terry Masters & Kyle Dalcin, Cassell from Albert Bettridge & Travis Cassar, Ryan Dunn from Dalcin, Cassar from Cassell & Peter Anselmi, and Masters from Kyle Carberry & Phil Anselmi.

We Are Creative 5
Mr. Handyman   4
In a nail biter the new team for Mr. Handyman weren’t able to hold off the We Are Creative crew. We Are Creative got creative with Mark Zijlstra from Gavin D’Eri, Nick Fournier from Zijlstra & Jake Nixon, Dryden Vandenbosh (unassisted), Sean Fitzpatrick from Zijlstra & Tony Sousa, and Sousa from Fournier & Zijlstra. Handyman hammers were dropped by Joey Laboa from JP Kamber, Fraser Neal from Adam Brinn & Laboa, Brinn from Laboa & Kamber, and Laboa from Jimmy DeLeo.

Tav Sells             9
Carney Plumbing 1
The last game saw the 3rd new team, Tav Sells, take full advantage of the very short-benched Carney Plumbing crew. Point getters for Tav were Mike Bibby, Paul Squissato, Adam Peterson, Mark Lammy, Mike McCollum, Alex Commacio, Justin Commacio, Charlie MacEachern, David Nail, and George Coric. Carney’s lone lamp lighter was Shaun Lane from Amanda Kiser.

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