Week of May 01 2018

Night 4 of the Inglewood Ball Hockey League has big scores and a pair of shut-outs to start the month of May.

May 01, 2018

Lockyer + Hein LLP    7
Caledon Hills Cycling  1
Lockyer + Hein LLP continued their unbeaten streak with a win over the previously unbeaten Caledon Hills Cycling crew. Lockyer lasers were fired by Nathan Patterson with 2, Claudio Gallippi, Mike Frade with 2, Rocco Manicone, and Cody Schindel. Assists went to Schindel, David Dlugozima, Robert Gallippi, Bryan Dlugozima, Jake Power, C. Gallippi, Jonathan Simoes, Paterson, and Frade. Caledon Hills Cycling’s lone marker came by Dave Phillips from Phil Anselmi & Ian Dunn.

360 Tire Service 2
Mr. Handyman   0
Dylan Berry was the first goalie of the night to get a shut-out stopping all that Mr. Handyman could through at the 360 Tire Service keeper. Net nabbing for 360 were Wendle Simpson from Jake Sterritt & Chad Neve, and Kyle Ruhl from Travis Bannon.

Tav Sells           5
We Are Creative 0
Tav Sells won their fourth straight with Bob DaCosta earning the goose egg keeping the door closed on We Are Creative. Tav twine ticklers were George Coric from Justin Comacchio, David Nail from Paul Squissato & Mike McCollum, Alex Comacchio from Sean Gilmore & Anthony Gonsalves, Coric from McCollum & A. Comacchio, and Keith Smales from McCollum & Mark Lamming.

Fisker Contracting 7
Carney Plumbing   5
In an end to end game Fisker Contracting was able to beat out the Carney Plumbing crew and get their first win of the year. Bin bulging for Fisker were Shane Veenstra from Brandon Hiltz & Sean Taylor, Dan Buckland (unassisted), Travis Tancoo from Buckland & Jack Harrison, Hiltz from Tancoo, Veenstra (unassisted), Tancoo from John Cameron & Taylor, and Hiltz from Mike Tangianu & Terry Leonard. Carney cage crashers were Chris Unwin with the heat-trick and Elio Nunes and Josh VanAmelsvoot with singles, helped by Shaun Lane, Nunes, Evan DelCogliano and Brandon Sinclair.

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