Week of May 08 2018

Game five of the Inglewood Ball Hockey League has short benches and hard playing games.

May 08, 2018

360 Tire Service    5
Fisker Contracting 1
360 Tire Service continued to roll with a win over Fisker Contracting. Laying the rubber for 360 were Andy Williams from Kyle Young and Jake Sterritt, Williams (unassisted), Sam Hogenhout from Graham Staley & Young, Kelvin Young (unassisted), and Williams (unassisted) for the hat-trick. Fisker’s lone marksman was Ben O’Leary from Shane Veenstra & Sean Taylor.

We Are Creative      3
Lockyer + Hein LLP  2
In a nail biter that came down to the last 24 seconds to determine a winner, We Are Creative were able to find the back of the net and claim victory over Lockyer + Hein LLP. We Are creators were Joshua D’Eri from Sebastian Riedelsheimer & Gavin D’Eri. Paul Zijlstra from Dill Cole & J. D’Eri, and G. D’Eri (unassisted). Lockyer lamp lighters were David Dlugozima from Robert Gallippi, and Jake Power from Aaron Lopes.

Mr. Handyman     6
Carney Plumbing  2
Mr. Handyman exploded in the last four minutes of the 3rd with 4 goals to take the win over Carney Plumbing. Handyman heroes were Chris Della Mora with the hat-trick and Jimmy DeLeo with 2 and Pietro DeMarchi with the single. Assists went to Nicholas Figliomeni, Anthony Mastrangelo, Marc Mastrangelo, and Joey Labao. Carney go to guys were Brandon Sinclair from Grace Baxter, and Chris Unwin from Melissa Boufounos.

Tav Sells                  4
Caledon Hills Cycling 1
Tav Sells continued to tear up the league winning their 5th straight, this time Caledon Hills Cycling falling to them. Tav terrors were David Nail from Anthony Palmeri & Anthony Gonsalves, Fred Yurichuck from Gonsalves, Alex Comacchio from Palmeri, and Comacchio from Palmeri & Mark Lamming. Caledon Hills Cycling lone star was Ryan Dunn from Tyler Quirk.

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