Week of May 15 2018

Sixth night of IBHL action has upsets, shut-outs and big scores.

May 15, 2018

Lockyer + Hein LLP  2
Tav Sells                 1
In a chippy affair Lockyer + Hein LLP were able to best Tav Sells, a feat that no one has done before this season. Lockyer lamp lighters were Matt Senra from Robert Gallippi & Jason Huot, and Wesley Schindel from Cody Schindel & Rocco Manicone. Tav’s teaser was Anthony Palmeri from Mike Bibby & Charlie MacEachern.

Mr. Handyman           3
Caledon Hills Cycling  0
First time net minder, Albert Bettridge, tried hard and played well for Caledon Hills Cycling, but couldn’t stop the Mr. Handyman bunch, while his teammates couldn’t beat Jonathan Crocetti earning the shut-out. Handyman heroes were Chris Della Mora from Nicholas Figliomeni & Adam Brinn, Jimmy DeLeo from Anthony Mastrangelo & Alex Della Mora, and Sebastian Gerag from Fraser Neal.

We Are Creative     6
Fisker Contracting  2
Game three has We Are Creative getting creative around the net and bagging the win over Fisker Contracting. We Are creators were Joshua D’Eri from Jake Nixon, Nick Fournier from Tony Sousa, D’Eri from Dryden Vandenbosh, Nixon from Vandenbosh& Tony DiFazio, Vandenbosh from Paul Zijlstra, and Vandenbosh from Fournier. Fisker firers were Dan Buckland from Michael Evans & Aaron Cameron, and Shane Veenstra (unassisted).

360 Tire Service   7
Carney Plumbing  0
The last game of the night saw Dylan Berry get a shut-out for 360 Tire as Carney Plumbing’s players couldn’t find the back of the net. 360 go getters were Sagar Darar from Graham Staley & Andy William, Kelvin Young from Williams & Mike O’Reilly, Williams from Kyle Young & Frankie Carricatio, Staley from Darar & Jeff Ferguson, Jake Sterritt (unassisted), Kelvin Young from Ferguson, & Darar from Sam Hogenhout.

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