Week of May 22 & 24, 2018

Double header week in the IBHL has large scores on night 1 and close games for night two.

May 22, 2018

Lockyer + Hein LLP 6
Carney Plumbing    0
Bryan Dlugozima stood tall and turned away all for the Lockyer + Hein LLP crew as they bested Carney Plumbing. Lockyer + Hein LLP lamp lighters were Nathan Patterson from Robert Gallippi & David Dlugozima, Wesley Schindel (unassisted), Claudio Gallippi from Mike Frade & Dlugozima, Aaron Lopes from Dlugozima, C. Gallippi (unassisted), and Cody Schindel from Dlugozima.

We Are Creative        7
Caledon Hills Cycling 2
We Are Creative had all their creative juices flowing as they were able to garner the win over Caledon Hills Cycling. We are creators were Anthony Mellace (unassisted), Joshua D’Eri 9unassisted), Dryden Vandenbosh (unassisted), Mellace from D’Eri & Tony Sousa, Nick Fournier from Paul Zijlstra & Dillon Cole, Zijlstra from Fournier, and Vandenbosh from Brent Atkins & Sousa. Caledon hills cyclers were Richard Lyons from Dave Phillips & Ian Dunn, and Kyle Dalcin from Kurt Snell.

Tav Sells            5
360 Tire Service 3
In a tight one Tav Sells got back on the winning side of the score sheet topping 360 Tire Service. After jumping out to a 4-0 lead Tav Sells let 360 Tire back into it to make it close. Tav terrors were george Coric from Rob Ricci &Mark Lamming, Coric from Ricci & Steven McCollum, Anthony Gonsalves from Ricci & Lamming, Ricci from S. McCollum & Mike McCollum, and S. McCollum from Coric. 360 rounders were Andy Williams from Kelvin Young, Graham Staley (unassisted), and Staley from Sam Hogenhout.

Mr. Handyman      5
Fisker Contracting 2
To wrap up the night Mr. Handyman put the nails to Fisker Contracting getting the win. Handyman hammers were dropped by Sebastian Gerag from Nicholas Figliomeni & JP Kamber, Pietro DeMarchi from Kamber & Joey Labao, Alex Della Mora from DeMarchi & Chris Della Mora, Gerag from Marc Mastrangelo, and Figliomeni from Chris Peters. Fisker firer was Michael Evans with both helped by Mike Tangianu & Jack Harrison.

May 24, 2018

360 Tire Service 2
We Are Creative 0
Dylan Berry was able to secure the goose egg for 360 Tire Service over We Are Creative on the first night of the second round of the regular season in IBHL action. Jeff Ferguson from Mike O’Reilly & Graham Staley, and Staley unassisted got the job done for 360 Tire.

Tav Sells          4
Mr. Handyman  3
In a tight end to end battle Tav Sells was able to stave off the Mr. Handyman crew and get the narrow margin win. Tav twine ticklers were George Coric from Justin Comacchio, Rob Ricci from Coric and Tiras Ray McKnight, Coric from McKnight & Ricci, and McKnight from Coric. Handyman lamp lighters were Chris Peters from Adam Brinn & Fraser Neal, Sebastian Gerag from Peters and Jimmy De Leo, and Adrian Fava from Chris Della Mora and Nicholas Figliomeni.

Fisker Contracting    3
Lockyer + Hein LLP  1
In an upset the young spitfires from Fisker Contracting put the hammer to the nail and handed Lockyer + Hein LLP the loss. Fisker front runners were Brandon Hiltz (unassisted), John Cameron from Shane Veenstra & Terry Leonard, and Hiltz from Mike Tangianu & Travis Tancoo. Lockyer’s lone lamp lighter was Claudio Gallippi from Aaron Lopes & David Dlugozima.

Carney Plumbing        4
Caledon Hills Cycling  2
Carney Plumbing took full advantage of the short-benched Caledon Hills Cycling crew and got their first win of the year. Net nabbers for Carney were Amanda Kiser from David Dlugozima, Chris Unwin from Kiser, Melissa Boufounos from John Washington & Brian Dunn, and Shawn Lane from Jake Bogdanow & Brandon Sinclair. Caledon Cycling go to guy was Tyler Quirk with both, helped by Albert Bettridge.

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