Week of May 29 2018

Hot night of Inglewood Ball Hockey Action has players sweating and tempers flaring.

May 29, 2018

Caledon Hills Cycling 6
Fisker Contracting     6
In a large scoring game Caledon Hills Cycling were able to mount the come back and earn the tie with Fiske Contracting. Fisker frame fillers were Tyler Sheppard from Jaryed Leonard & Shane Veenstra, Michael Evans from Ben O’Leary & Sheppard, Sheppard from Leonard, Sheppard from Aaron Cameron & Brandon Hiltz, Evans from Sheppard, and O’Leary from Hiltz & Leonard. Caledon Hills cage crashers were Tyler Quirk from Albert Bettridge, Quirk from Bettridge & Terry Masters, Kurt Snell (unassisted), Masters from Peter Anselmi & Richard Lyons, Travis Cassar from Ian Dunn & Quirk, and Dave Phillips from Ian Dunn & Ryan Dunn.

360 Tire Service       1
Lockyer + Hein LLP   1
In a nail biter that filled the penalty side of the sheet, neither team could best the other on this night as Lockyer + Hein LLP and 360 Tire service battled to a draw. Lockyer lamp lighter was David Dlugozima from Wesley Schindel & Nathan Patterson, while 360 Tire got on the board with Graham Staley from Kyle Ruhl.

Tav Sells              6
Carney Plumbing   0
Bob DaCosta was too much for the Carney Plumbing squad on this night as he earned the shut-out victory for Tav Sells. Tav twine ticklers were Rob Ricci from Paul Squissato & Mike McCollum, Alex Comacchio from Ricci & McCollum, David Nail from Ricci & Charlie MacEachern, Nail from Anthony Gonsalves & Ricci, Ricci from Justin Comacchio & Alex Comacchio, A. Comacchio from Ricci, and A. Comacchio from McCollum.

Mr. Handyman    3
We Are Creative  1
The last game of the night was another close one that also filled up the penalty side of the game sheet with Mr. Handyman coming out on top of We Are Creative. Handyman net nabbers were Nicholas Figliomeni from Marc Mastrangelo & Chris Della Mora, Sebastian Geraci from JP Kamber & Fraser Neal, and Geraci from Kamber. We Are’s creator was Mark Zijlstra from Jake Nixon & Joshua D’Eri.

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