Week of June 12 2018

Big scores to start the night and close games to end it in IBHL action this week.

June 12, 2018

Tav Sells                   6
Caledon Hills Cycling  1
Tav Sells took no prisoners in this game handing Caledon Hills Cycling the loss. Net nabbers for Tav were Tiras Ray McKnight from Alex Comacchio & Mike McCollum, Mike Bibby from Rob Ricci & Adam Peterson, McCollum from Charlie MacEachern, Bibby from McKnight & David Nail, Peterson from Anthony Gonsalves & Ricci, and Comacchio from Nail & Peterson. Caledon Hills lone sniper was Terry Masters from Jordan Cassel & Albert Bettridge.

360 Tire Service     7
Fisker Contracting  0
Dylan Berry stood tall for 360 Tire Service and didn’t let Fisker Contracting light the lamp. 360 go to guys were Andy Williams from Simon Nicholson, Kyle Ruhl from Wendle Simpson & Williams, Ruhl from Nicholson & Kelvin Young, Graham Staley from Sam Hogenhout & Williams, Simpson from Williams & Kyle Young, Jeff Ferguson from Simpson & Kelvin Young and Williams (unassisted).

Mr. Handyman      2
Carney Plumbing  1
In a close one Carney Plumbing got on the board early in the first but couldn’t quite hold on and took the loss at the hands of Mr. Handyman. Handyman lamp lighters were JP Kamber from Adam Brinn & Fraser Neal, and Connor Cantenaro from Chris Della Mora & Joey LaBoa. Carney’s lone marksman was Brandon Sinclair (unassisted).

Lockyer + Hein LLP 3
We Are Creative     1
The final match-up had the hearts pounding as Lockyer + Hein LLP were in a battle with We Are Creative right to the end, with Lockyer coming out on top. Lockyer lasers were fired by David Dlugozima from Jake Power & Phil Friesen, Mike Frade from Friesen & Dlugozima, and Dlugozima from Friesen. We Are Creative’s cage crasher was Dryden Vandenbosh from Tony Sousa & George Robinson.

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