Week of June 19 & 21 2018

3 shut-outs and one almost shut-out were on the menu for the first night of IBHL play this week, with big scores in night 2 action

June 19 2018

Fisker Contracting  4
Carney Plumbing    0
Game one showed what was to come of the night with Fisker Contracting shutting out Carney Plumbing. Net nabbing for Fisker were Shane Veenstra from Dan Buckland, Travis Tancoo from Veenstra and Tyler Sheppard, Tancoo from Buckland & Michael Evans, and Veenstra from John Cameron & Buckland.

Lockyer + Hein LLP    3
Caledon Hills Cycling  1
The only non-shut out of the night was close to being one with Caledon Hills Cycling scoring in the last few minutes of the 3rd to deny Lockyer + Hein LLP the goose egg. Lockyer lamp lighters were Claudio Gallippi from Jake Power & Nathan Patterson, Patterson from Power, and David Dlugozima from Power & Gallippi. Caledon Hills cage crasher was Kyle Dalcin from Jordan Thompson.

Tav Sells           4
We Are Creative 0
Tav Sells continued on their roll with another shutout victory for Bob DaCosta over We Are Creative. Tav terrors were Rob Ricci from George Coric & Anthony Gonsalves, and Adam Peterson from David Nail & Mike McCollum.

360 Tire Service3
Mr. Handyman  0
The last game saw 360 Tire Service help tender, Dylan Berry, to his 5th shutout of the season over Mr. Handyman. 360 Tire bin bulgers were Andy Williams from Kyle Young & Jake Sterritt, Mike Garvie from Graham Staley & Simon Nicholson, and Williams from Sterritt & Kyle Ruhl.

June 21, 2018

Tav Sells           6
360 Tire Service 6
In a barn burner, it looked like Tav Sells would get the win potting 4 in the first, but 360 Tire Service was able to claw their way back to earn a tie. Net nabbing for 360 Tire were Kelvin Young from Wendle Simpson, Marco Franza from Mike O’Reilly, Franza from Graham Staley, Franza from Simpson & Mike Ferguson, Simpson from Ferguson, and Staley from Franza. Tav twine ticklers were Alex Comacchio from Rob Ricci & Tiras McKnight, Ricci from McKnight & Adam Peterson, Ricci from Jeff Roth & Dave McCollum, McCollum from Fred Yurichuck & Comacchio, McKnight from Comacchio & Ricci, and Roth from Ricci & Yurichuck.

Lockyer + Hein LLP  6
Carney Plumbing     1
Lockyer stepped it up a notch and started playing playoff hockey and took it to the Carney Plumbing crew. Lockyer lasers were fired by Jake Power from Philip Friesen, Rocco Manicone from David Dlugozima & Nathan Patterson, Claudio Gallippi from Mike Frade, Dlugozima from Patterson & Gallippi, Manicone from Frade & Dlugozima, and Dlugozima (unassisted). Carney’s lone lamp lighter was Brian Dunn from Brandon Sinclair & Melissa Boufounos.

Mr. Handyman      5
Fisker Contracting 2
In a penalty filled match Mr. Handyman was able to come out on top over Fisker Contracting. Handyman goal getters were Fraser Neal from Sebastian Geraci, Anthony Mastrangelo from Jimmy DeLeo, Chris Peters from Neal & Chris Della Mora, DeLeo from Della Mora & Alex Della Mora, and Peitro DeMarchi from Joey Labao. Fisker firers was Travis Tancoo with both, helped by Jack Harrison & Mike Tangianu.

We Are Creative         4
Caledon Hills Cycling   1
The last game was close that the score indicated as We Are Creative were able to pot 3 in the 3rd to get the win over Caledon Hills Cycling. We Are aces were Dillon Cole from Dryden Vandenbosh & Gavin D’Eri, Sean Fitzpatrick from Vandenbosh, Vandenbosh from Fitzpatrick & Cole, and Cole from Vandenbosh. Caledon Hills lone cycler was Travis Cassar from Ryan Dunn.

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