Week of June 26 2018

Last night of regular season play sets up round robin action in the IBHL

June 26, 2018

We Are Creative     3
Fisker Contracting  2
In a tight match We Are Creative were able to pot a late goal to give them the win over Fisher Contracting and earn 5th spot relegating Fisker to 6th. We Are Creative creators were Nick Fournier from Dryden Vandenbosh & Brent Atkins, Sean Fitzpatrick from Sebastian Riedelsheimer, and Fournier from Vandenbosh & Atkins. Fisker firers were Shane Veenstra from John Cameron, and Brandon Hiltz from Dan Buckland.

Mr. Handyman           4
Caledon Hills Cycling  0
Johnathan Crocetti stopped all that was thrown at him and earned the shut-out for Mr. Handyman, getting them 4th spot and having Caledon Hills Cycling ending up in 7th. Handyman net nabbers were Sebastian Geraci from JP Kamber, Jimmy DeLeo from Chris Peters & Marc Mastrangelo, Peters from Geraci & Peitro DeMarchi, and Geraci from Chris Della Mora & Joey Labao.

360 Tire Service   6
Carney Plumbing  1
360 Tire burned the rubber and earned 2nd spot handing Carney Plumbing the loss and 8th place. 360 go getters were Andy Williams from Wendle Simpson, Mike O’Reilly from Simpson, Mike Garvie from Simpson & Frankie Carricatio, Sam Hogenhout from O’Reilly & Simpson, Williams from Garvie & O’Reilly, and Kyle Ruhl from O’Reilly & Simpson. Carney’s bright light was Elliott Draga from Jake Bogdanow.

Tav Sells                  2
Lockyer + Hein LLP   1
In a nail biter Tav Sells showed that they are the real deal with the win and placing in 1st for the regular season setting Lockyer + Hein LLP in 3rd. Tav twine ticklers were Tiras McKnight from Rob Ricci, and George Corcic from Ricci & Justin Comacchio. Lockyer’s lone marksman was David Dlugozima from Jonathan Simoes.

Final regular season standings:

1st – Tav Sells
2nd – 360 Tire Service
3rd – Lockyer + Hein LLP
4th Mr. Handyman
5th – We Are Creative
6th – Fisker Contracting
7th – Caledon Hills Cycling
8th – Carney Plumbing

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