Week of July 03 2018

Night 1 of IBHL Round Robin action has some surprises and good games.

July 03 2018

Caledon Hills Cycling  1
360 Tire Service         1
The first game of the round robin playoffs for 2018 had Caledon Hills Cycling capitalize early in the first and hold on until less than 20 seconds left in the 3rd before 360 Tire Service could even it up. Caledon Hills cage crasher was Kyle Dalcin from Ian Dunn, with 360’s go to guy Andy William from Mike O’Reilly tying it up.

Tav Sells            7
Carney Plumbing 0
Tav Sells continued to take charge and continue the winning streak with a win over Carney Plumbing. Tav twine ticklers were Adam Peterson from Justin Comacchio, Alex Comacchio from Rob Ricci & Mark Lamming, A. Comacchio from Lamming & Peterson, Keith Smales from Jeff Roth, A. Comacchio from Lamming & Roth, Smales from Roth & Lamming, and Roth from Anthony Gonsalves.

Lockyer + Hein LLP  3
Fisker Contracting    0
Lockyer + Hein LLP showed grit potting all 3 markers in the 2nd frame to beat Fisker Contracting. Lockyer lamp lighters were David Dlugozima (unassisted), Anthony Kocchiu from Dlugozima, and Kocchiu from Aaron Lopes.

Mr. Handyman   4
We Are Creative 2
the final game of night one was a close affair with both teams netting a pair in the 1st and Mr. handyman potting one more in each the 2nd & 3rd to get the win over We Are Creative. Handyman net nabbers were Chris Della Mora from Nicholas Figliomeni, Sebastian Geraci from Peitro DeMarchi & Alex Della Mora, JP Kamber from C. Della Mora, and Chris Peters (unassisted). We Are Creative markers were scored by Gavin D’Eri from Tony DiFazio & Dillon Cole, and Nick Fournier from Cole and Joshua D’Eri.

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