Week of July 17 2018

Wild action in night 4 of the IBHL round robin playoffs

July 17 2018

We Are Creative 8
Tav Sells            4
In a crazy end to end battle We Are Creative surprised everyone, including Tav Sells, coming out on top and handing Tav Sells their second loss of the entire year. We Are Creative creators were Nick Fournier from Dryden Vandenbosh & Brent Atkins, Sebastian Riedelsheimer from Alexander Riedelsheimer & Sean Fitzpatrick, Fournier from Paul Zijlstra, Atkins from Fournier, Gavin D’Eri from Tony Sousa, Fournier from Vandenbosh & Atkins, Fournier from Vandenbosh & G. D’Eri, and Joshua D’Eri (unassisted). Tav Sells strikers were Anthony Palmieri from Jeff Roth & Justin Comacchio, Alex Comacchio from David Nail & Anthony Gonsalves, Gonsalves from A. Comacchio & Nail, and George Coric from Adam Peterson.

Mr. Handyman     3
Carney Plumbing  1
In a tight one, Mr. Handyman were able to pop one in in the 3rd and add an empty netter to get by Carney Plumbing. Handyman twine ticklers were Chris Peters (unassisted), Adrian Fava from Chris Della Mora & Nicholas Figliomeni, and Peitro DeMarchi from Alex Della Mora. Carney’s lone lamp lighter was Brandon Sinclair (unassisted).

360 Tire Service     3
Fisker Contracting   0
Dylan Berry earned the goose-egg for 360 Tire Service as he stopped all that Fisker Contracting could throw at him. 360 Tire bin bulgers were Graham Staley from Sagar Darar & Mike O’Reilly, Darar from Andy Williams, and Kyle Ruhl from Kyle Young & Frankie Carricatio.

Lockyer + Hein LLP    2
Caledon Hills Cycling  0
Bryan Dlugozima posted the shut-out for Lockyer + Hein LLP as he was able to turn away the offence from Caledon Hills Cycling. Both goals for Lockyer were potted by Cody Schindel with David Dlugozima helping on both and Jake Power getting an assist.

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