Week of August 07 2018

The Semi-Finals of the 2018 IBHL season were played fast and furious on August 7th with a big score and a tight match.

360 Tire Service 8
We Are Creative 2
Game 1 saw 360 Tire Service square off against We Are Creative. 360 Tire got out to a 2 goal lead by the end of the first with Mike Garvie from Kelvin Young, and Mike Ferguson from Sagar Darar & Mike O’Reilly getting them on the board. Period 2 saw We Are Creative get even with a pair in just over 2 minutes when Mark Zijlstra from Tony Sousa and Joshua D’Eri, and Alexander Riedelsheimer from Sean Fitzpatrick & Gavin D’Eri netted goals. 360 Tire didn’t waste any time answering back in the 2nd when Garvie from O’Reilly put them back on top just 28 seconds later. 360 didn’t look back after that netting 5 more before the end of the game by Andy Williams from Garvie, Kyle Young (unassisted), Jake Sterritt from Wendle Simpson & Jeff Ferguson, Darar from Garvie & Williams, , and O’Reilly from Darar & Williams.

Tav Sells                3
Lockyer + Hein LLP 2
Game 2 was a nail biter between the regular season champion Tav Sells and the playoff leaders Lockyer + Hein LLP. At the end of the 1st frame neither team was on the board, it was looking like it could be a long game. Both teams had chances but the tenders did their jobs and stopped them all. Period 2 saw Tav Sells pot a pair with Rob Ricci from Tiras McKnight & Mike McCollum and Ricci from McCollum & George Coric put them ahead. Period 3 started with Tav Sells getting on early on (that proved to be the winner) when Sean Gilmore from Charlie MacEachern found the back of the twine tent. Lockyer + Hein wasn’t going to go quietly as they added a pair late in the 3rd to make it close, but came up just short, with Jake Power netting both goals helped from Aaron Lopes, Rocco Manicone & Wesley Schindel.

FINALS are set for August 14th with 360 Tire Service vs Tav Sells

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