Week of April 16 2019

The 33rd season of the Inglewood Ball Hockey League got off to a great start on April 16, 2019, with all 4 games being close and competitive, and with 2 new supporters in Pro Net Sports ( & Foot Clinic & Orthotics (Caledon) (

April 16th, 2019

3600 Tire Service 3
We Are Creative   0
In the first match-up of the new year 3600 Tire Service were able to shut down We Are Creative and hand Dylan Berry a first game goose egg. Net nabbing for the Tire crew were Nick Adams from Marco Franza & Andy Williams, Williams from Cody Gibson, and Adams (unassisted).

Caledon Hills Cycling 3
Fisker Contracting     0
In a repeat of the first game Caledon Hills Cycling keeper, Dave Phillips, stood tall and turned away all for the shut-out over Fisker Contracting. Goal getters for the Cyclers were Kyle Dalcin from Kyle Carberry, Tyler Quirk from Carberry & Jordan Thompson, and Dalcin from Phil Anselmi.

Tav Sells          2
Pro Net Sports  1
In a nail biter, the new team for Tav Sells were able to hold off the late surge for the Pro Net Sports gang and get their first win of the year. Tav troopers were Eric Monte from James Tielo, and Philip Oresokvic from Monte & Andrew Guera. Pro net Sports spoiler was Pietro DeMarchi from Sebastian Geraci & Chris Peters.

Carney Plumbing     7
Lockyer + Hein LLP  5
In a high scoring end to end game the return of Mike & Ryan Zimmerman was what Carney needed to get the win over the new look Lockyer + Hein LLP squad. Lamp lighters for Carney were Mike Zimmerman from Ryan Zimmerman & Elliott Draga, Eric Martel from Draga, Martel from R Zimmerman & M Zimmerman, Troy Baxter from M Zimmerman & Draga, M Zimmerman from R Zimmerman, Martel from Shawn Lane, and Lane from M Zimmerman. Lockyer bin bulgers were Michael Hough (unassisted), Sonny Dineley from Brad Reinhart & Greg Hough, Justyn Pacheco from M Hough & Dineley, M Hough from Charles Talbot-Bouton & G Hough, and Sandy Shand from Brandon Sinclair & Rodney Hough.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics
Foot Clinic & Orthotics

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Modern Imagery Photography

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