Week of April 30 2019

April 2019 ends with the first tie of the season, close games and not so close games in IBHL action.

April 30, 2019

360 Tire Service 1
Pro Net Sports    1
Neither team could best the other on this night as the penalty sheet filled up and the goal column stayed quiet for Pro Net Sports and 360 Tire Service. Goal getters were Wendle Simpson from Kyle Ruhl for 360 and Dave Phillips from Adam Brinn for Pro Net.

We Are Creative         3
Caledon Hills Cycling  2
In a tight end to end affair We Are Creative were able to hold off the late surge of Caledon Hills Cycling and get the win.  Creative creators were David Dlugozima from Cody Schindel, Aaron Lopes (unassisted) and Claudio Gallippi from Wesley Schindel. Cycler’s cyclones were Terry Masters from Kyle Dalcin, and Travis Cassar from Ryan Dunn.

Tav Sells                   5
Lockyer + Hein LLP    3
In another close one Lockyer + Hein LLP got out to an early lead but couldn’t hold off Tav Sells. Tav twine ticklers were Kevin Cordeiro from Adam Laffin & Jesse Vultao, Massimo DeBilo from Jason Oresokvic, Philip Oresokvic from J Vultao, J Vultao from J Oresokvic & P Oresokvic, and J Oresokvic from J Vultao & Shawn Vultao. Lockyer lasers were fired by Michael Hough from Brandon Sinclair, Charles Talbot-Bouton from Andy Carrol & Sinclair, and Talbot-Bouton from Jaqueline Eade.

Carney Plumbing     7
Fisker Contracting   0
For the second time in 4 games John Malanca earned the goose-egg as Carney Plumbing took full advantage of the short-benched Fisker Contracting crew. Carney point getters were Mike & Josh Brain, Mike Zimmerman, Brian Dunn, Grace Baxter, Shawn Lane, Eric Martel & Malanca.

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