Week of May 07 2019

Hot action for the first night in May for the IBHL.

May 07, 2019

Tav Sells           3
We Are Creative 2
In a tight one that saw more penalties than goals, Tav Sells were able to hold on and get the win over We Are Creative. Tav troopers were Jesse Vultao (unassisted), Philip Oresokvic from Dave Vultao & Massimo DeBilo, and J Vultao from DeBilo & Eric Kanis. We Are creators were Dave Dlugozima from Claudio Gallippi & Tony Sousa, and Aaron Lopes from Dlugozima.

360 Tire Service     6
Fisker Contracting  1
360 Tire Service took no prisoners as they were able to beat the short-benched Fisker Contracting crew. 360 go getters were Nick Adams from Marco Franza, Kyle Ruhl from Kelvin Young & Graham Staley, Andy Williams from Dustin Bus, Franza from Kelvin Young & Staley, Mike Gillan from Kyle Young & Adams, and Kelvin Young from Mike O’Reilly & Staley. Fisker’s firer was Dave Dlugozima from Matthew Sharpe.

Pro Net Sports     3
Carney Plumbing  0
Jonathan Crocetti couldn’t be beat on this night as Pro Net Sports held Carney Plumbing off the score sheet. Pro Net goal getters were Sebastian Geraci from Chris Dela Morra & Dustin McDonald, Alex Dela Morra from Fraser Neal & Pietro DeMarchi, and Jimmy Deleo from Adam Brinn & Joey Labao.

Caledon Hills Cycling   6
Lockyer + Hein LLP     1
In another big scoring game Caledon Hills Cycling took it to the Lockyer + Hein LLP group and got the win. Caledon Hills heroes were Caleb McLeaming from Ryan Dunn, Albert Bettridge from Ryan Dunn, Tyler Quirk from Ryan Dunn, Quirk from Travis Cassar & Kyle Carberry, McLeaming from Ian Dunn, and Ryan Dunn from Ian Dunn. Lockyer’s lone lamp lighter was Andy Carrol from Brad Reinhart & Justyn Pacheco.

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