Week of May 21 2019

Two shut outs and two 4-1 games for May 21 2019 in the Inglewood Ball Hockey League!

May 21 2019

360 Tire Service 2
Tav Sells            0
Dylan Berry was able to stop the onslaught from Tav Sells to get the win for 360 Tire Service. 360 net nabbers were Andy Williams (unassisted), and Marco Franza from Williams & Nick Adams.

Pro Net Sports         4
Lockyer + Hein LLP  1
Pro Ne Sports proved too hot to handle on this night as the Lockyer + Hein LLP crew fell short. Pro Net twine ticklers were Alex Dela Morra (unassisted), Chris Dela Morra from Dustin McDonald & Fraser Neal, McDonald from C Dela Morra, & Pietro DeMarchi from Jimmy Deleo & A Dela Morra. Lockyer’s lamp lighter was Sandy Shand from Greg Hough & Charles Talbot-Bouton.

We Are Creative     7
Fisker Contracting  0
We Are Creative were able to roll over Fisker Contracting and take the win. We Are point getters were Davis Dlugozima (2g,2a), Claudio Gallippi (1g,2a), Blake Coutone (1a), Aaron Lopes (1g,1a), Tony Sousa (1g,1a), Joshua D’Eri (3a), Anthony Mellace (1g,1a), Dillon Cole (1g), & Gavin D’Eri (1a).

Carney Plumbing       4
Caledon Hills Cycling  1
The last game of the night was much like the second game with Carney Plumbing being able to put a few in the net and get the win over Caledon Hills Cycling. Carney go to guys were Eric Martel from Chris Unwin & Mike Zimmerman, Zimmerman from Josh Brain, Zimmerman (unassisted), and Shawn Lane from Martel & Brian Dunn. Caledon Hills hero was Tyler Quirk from Terry Masters & Ian Dunn.

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