Week of June 18 & 20 2019

2 nights of hot action and hot tempers to end the IBHL 2019 regular season.

June 18, 2019

Tav Sells                         11
Fisker Contracting            1
Tav Sells took it to Fisker contracting and got the win. Tav point getters were Massimo DeBilo, Jason Oreskovic, Eric Kanis, Eric Monte, Adam Laffin, Dave Vultao, Jesse Vultao, Shawn Vultao, Kevin Cordeiro, & James Tielo. Fisker’s lone lamp lighter was Matthew Sharpe from Ryan Hawley & Travis Tancoo.

360 Tire Service               8
Carney Plumbing              3
360 Tire Service continued their roll over Carney Plumbing for the win. 360 go to guys were Marco Franza (3g,1a), Cody Gibson (2a), Jeff Ferguson (1a), Mike O’Reilly (1g,2a), Nick Adams (1g,2a), Graham Staley (1g,2a), Wendle Simpson (2g), Kyle Young (1a), Dustin Bus (1a), & Kyle Ruhl (1a). Carney cage crashers were Mike Zimmerman (2g), & Chris Unwin (1g), with Shawn Lane, Ryan Zimmerman and Josh Brain each with a helper.

Pro Net Sports                3
Caledon Hills Cycling       0
Jonathan Crocetti was unbeatable this night as the tempers flared and Pro Net Sports beat Caledon Hills Cycling. Pro Net net nabbers were Dustin McDonald from Chris Dela Morra & Sebastian Geraci, McDonald from Chris Peters & Matt Phillips, and JP Kamber from Fraser Neal & Jeff Nugent.

We Are Creative               5
Lockyer + Hein LLP           3
In the only close game of the night, We Are Creative were able to hold off the Lockyer + Hein LLP crew for the win. We Are creators were David Dlugozima from Aaron Lopes & Claudio Gallippi, Gallippi from Dlugozima & Lopes, Mark Zijlstra from Dillon Cole & Cody Schindel, Anthony Mellace from Wesley Schindel & Dlugozima, and Mellace from Dlugozima & Cole. Lockyer lamp lighter was Charles Talbot-Bouton with the hat-trick helped by Dave Phillips, Brent Atkins, Sandy Shand & Brad Reinhart.

June 20, 2019

360 Tire Service                8
Lockyer + Hein LLP           5
360 Tire Service locked up 1st place with a win over Lockyer + Hein LLP giving Lockyer a 6th place finish. 360 twine ticklers were Nick Adams, Mike Gillan, Wendle Simpson & Mike O’Reilly, assists went to Simson, Kelvin Young, Gillan, Kyle Ruhl, Adams & Andy Williams. Lockyer lasers were fired by Mike Hough, Brent Atkins & Sandy Shand, helped by Charles Talbot-Bouton, Justyn Pacheco, Atkins, Shand & Brad Reinhart.

Pro net Sports           6
Fisker Contracting      0
Jonathan Crocetti did it again and earned his 2nd shutout in a row for Pro Net Sports as they ended the season in 3rd spot, leaving Fisker in 8th. Pro Net point getters were Sebastian Geraci, Chris Peters, Adam Brinn, Jimmy Deleo, Dustin McDonald, Dave Phillips, Joey Labao, & Matt Gemmel.

We Are Creative               7
Carney Plumbing              2
We Are Creative solidified 4th spot with the win, leaving Carney Plumbing in a solid 5th place. We Are goal getters were David Dlugozima, Dillon Cole & Wesley Schindel, assisted by Claudio Gallippi, Aaron Lopes, W Schindel, Cody Schindel, Tony Sousa, & Gavin D’Eri. Carney point getters were Mike Zimmerman from Eric Martel & Josh Brain, & Brain from Troy Baxter & Zimmerman.

Caledon Hills Cycling 2
Tav Sells                  2
the last game of the regular season saw neither team best the other with Caledon Hills Cycling ending up in 7th spot and Tav Sells finishing in 2nd. Tav bin bulgers were Jayson Oreskovic from James Tielo & Massimo DeBilo, and Phil Oreskovic from DeBilo. Caledon Hills peddle pumpers were Ian Dunn from Albert Bettridge, and Richard Sykes from Ryan Dunn.

Regular season final standings

1st – 360 Tire Service
2nd – Tav Sells
3rd – Pro Net Sports
4th – We Are Creative
5th – Carney Plumbing
6th – Lockyer + Hein LLP
7th – Caledon Hills Cycling
8th – Fisker Contracting

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