Week of July 02 2019

One close match and 3 not so close, in week two of Inglewood Ball Hockey League round robin playoff action.

July 2 2019

Pro Net Sports     2
Carney Plumbing  1
In a nail biter Pro Net Sports were able to best the short benched Carney Plumber crew in the final minutes of the 3rd. Pro Net heroes were Chris Peters (unassisted), and Chris Della Mora from Peters & Alex Della Mora. Carney’s lone lamp lighter was Eric Martel from Chris Unwin & Pete Davis.

We Are Creative       8
Lockyer + Hein LLP  2
We Are Creative showed no mercy as they handled the Lockyer + Hein LLP team. We Are point getters were Wesley & Cody Schindel, David Dlugozima, Aaron Lopes, Blake Coutone, Tony Sousa, Tony DiFazio, Gavin & Joshua D’Eri, Dillon Cole, Anthony Mellace, Claudio Gallippi, & Paul Zijlstra. Lockyer biscuit bangers were Michael Hough from Sandy Shand & Brayden Pacheco, and Shand (unassisted).

360 Tire Service         6
Caledon Hills Cycling   1
In another large goal game 360 Tire Service rolled over Caledon Hills Cycling for the win. 360 Tire troopers were Nick Adams, Kelvin Young, Kyle Ruhl, Wendle Simpson, Cody Gibson, Mike Gillan, Kyle Young & Dustin Bus. Caledon Hills got on the game sheet with Ryan Dunn from Phil “Fabio“ Anselmi.

Tav Sells                8
Fisker Contracting   0
Tav Sells, sold it hard on Fisker Contracting and took the game. Tav twine ticklers were Jason Oreskovic, Massimo DeBilo, Shawn & Dave Vultao, James Tielo, Eric Kanis, Eric Monte, Adam Laffin & Kevin Cordeiro.

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