Week of July 09 & 11 2019

Last double week of the 2019 IBHL season has close games and some not so close in round robin plauoff action.

July 09 2019

Fisker Contracting      3
Caledon Hills Cycling  2
In their firs win of the year Fisker was able to best Caledon Hills Cycling and get a win. Fisker firer’s were Brandon Sinclair 9unassisted), Ryan Hawley from Michael Kadish & Aaron Cameron, and Ryan Galea from Sinclair. Caledon Hills go to guys were Caleb McLeaming from Tyler Quirk & Travis Cassar, and Richard Sykes from Peter Anselmi & Kyle Dalcin.

Tav Sells              5
Carney Plumbing  4
In another nail biter, Tav Sells came back in the 3rd to take the win over Carney Plumbing. Tav twine ticklers were Massimo DeBilo (unassisted), Jesse Vultao (unassisted), Adam Laffin from Jason Oreskovic, J Oreskovic from Phil Oreskovic, and Laffin from DeBilo & Vultao. Carney cage crashers were Mike Zimmerman from Ryan Zimmerman, Eric Martel from Try Baxter & Brian Dunn, Martel from Baxter & Josh Brain, and M Zimmerman from Shawn Lane & Pete Davis.

Pro Net Sports   2
We Are Creative 1
The third was another 1 goal game with Pro Net Sports being able to hold on over We Are Creative. Pro Net net nabbers were Alessandro Deluca (unassisted), and Chris Peters from JP Kamber & Jeff Nugent. We Are creator was David Dlugozima from Claudio Gallippi & Tony Sousa.

360 Tire Service     11
Lockyer + Hein LLP  2
360 Tire Service took all 5 from Lockyer + Hein LLP on this night. 360 point getters were Kelvin & Kyle Young, Graham Staley, Mike Gillan, Cody Gibson, Marco Franza, Nick Adams, and Andy Williams. Lockyer lamp lighters were Sandy Shand from Mike Hough, and Brandon Sinclair from Brad Reinhart & Brent Atkins.

July 11 2019

360 Tire Service  8
Carney Plumbing 3
360 Tire Service continued their roll with a win over Carney Plumbing. 360 point getters were Marco Franza, Mike Gillan, Nick Adams, Kelvin Young, Wendle Simpson, and Kyle Young. Carney playmakers were Shawn Lane from Mike Zimmerman & Josh Brain, Eric Martel from M Zimmerman & Brain, and Ryan Zimmerman from M Zimmerman.

We Are Creative      4
Fisker Contracting   2
We Are Creative had the creative juices flowing and were able to best Fisker Contracting. We Are scorers were Gavin D’Eri from David Dlugozima & Wesley Schindel, Dlugozima from Dillon Cole, Dlugozima from Tony Sousa, and Dlugozima from Sousa & Cole. Fisker front liners were Aaron Cameron (unassisted), and Matthew Sharpe (unassisted).

Tav Sells                   4
Lockyer + Hein LLP    2
Much like the 2nd game Tav Sells were able to hold off the Lockyer + Hein LLP crew for the win. Tav troopers were Massimo DeBilo from Craig Girard, DeBilo (unassisted), Adam Laffin from Phil Oreskovic, and James Tielo from Dave Vultao. Lockyer lasers were fired by Mike Hough with both, helped by Brad Reinhart & Brandon Sinclair.

Pro Net Sports           5
Caledon Hills Cycling  2
The last one of the night saw Pro Net Sports come out on top of the Caledon Hills Cycling gang. Pro Net bin bulgers were Chris Peters with the hat-trick and Alex Della Mora & Joey Labao with singles, assisted by Jimmy DeLeo, Chris & Alex Della Mora, Labao, and Peters.  Cycling cyclers were Ryan Dunn from Terry Masters, and Phil Anselmi from Ian Dunn and R Dunn.

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