Week of Aug 06 2019

Semi-finals action in the IBHL has a shoot-out and a shoot up.

August 6 2019

Pro Net Sports   4 (shoot-out)
Tav Sells           3
In a tight battle from the drop of the ball, Pro Net Sports and Tav Sells weren’t able to determine a winner through 3 periods and an extra frame and it had to go to a shoot-out, for the 1st time in IBHL semi-final play, with Pro Net Sports being able to best Tav Sells 2-1. Pro Net net nabbers were Chris Peters from Sebastian Geraci & Alex Della Mora, Geraci (unassisted), and Alessandro DeLuca from Chris Della Mora & Adam Brinn. Tav twine ticklers were Jason Oreskovic (unassisted), Oreskovic from Eric Kanis, and Kevin Cordeiro from Oresk0vic.

360 Tire Service    9
Carney Plumbing   5
In a goal filled game Carney Plumbing couldn’t match 360 Tire Service in the goal department and 360 Tire Service are going back to the finals.  360 Goal getters were Graham Staley with 4, Andy Williams with a pair, and Kyle Young, Dustin Bus & Nick Adams, with help from Cody Gibson, Mike Gillan, Williams, Marco Franza, Adams & Staley. Carney go to guys were Josh Brain from Ryan Zimmerman, R Zimmerman from Shawn Lane & Mike Zimmerman, M Zimmerman from Lane, M. Zimmerman from Eric Martel & R Zimmerman, and Martel from M Zimmerman & Brain.

Finals are August 13, 7:30pm, 360 Tire Service vs Pro Net Sports

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