Inglewood Ball Hockey League

The IBHL is a co-ed adult ball hockey league that runs from April until August at the Lloyd Wilson Centennial Arena in Caledon (Inglewood).

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 IBHL League Update

 Foot Clinic & Orthotics crowned champions for the IBHL 2023 season.

Round Robin final standings are – 1. Foot Clinic & Orthotics, 2 – Adcro Group Ltd, 3 – Caledon Hills Cycling, 4 – Riverdale Fitness Mill,
5 -Gusto Restaurant Caledon, 6- Lockyer & Hein 7 – Link Mechanical, 8 – Bolton Toyota, 9 – Carney Plumbing, 10 – Nobletoyz


IBHL Finals, Foot Clinic & Orthotics crowned Champions

In a blink of an eye the 2023 season of the Inglewood Ball Hockey League has drawn to a close,...

Finals are set in IBHL 2023 season

IBHL Finals are set as the Semi-Finals have 2 great games to decide who is going for the IBHL...

Final 4 now set as the IBHL round robin play ends.

Last night of the 2023 IBHL round robin playoffs has teams jockeying for the last semi-final spot....

Our History

The IBHL started (unofficially) in 1987 as a pick up hockey league run by brothers Brian and Robert Dunn. Ten years later (after the 1996 season, before the 1997 season) the IBHL transformed into a league when Brian Dunn and Andrew Tiessen went to a Leaf game and had a brain wave, Why not make this a league with referees, score keepers, actual teams and prizes? The league has gone strong since that night. Some years the league has grown from 6 to 8 teams, though, for the majority it has been with 6 until the late 2000’s where the legaue as seen growth from 6 to 8 to 10 to 12 to 14 teams for the 2010 season and back to 10 for 2011, and has been fairly consistent with 8 teams since then. In 2015 the league went co-ed and we have had a blast ever since.

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