May starts out with ties bookending the night, a blowout, a close game and a shut-out in IBHL action.

May 07, 2024

Lockyer + Hein 3
Adcro Group    3
In the first game Lockyer + Hein got out to an early 3 goal lead and looked like they were going to walk away with it, but Adcro tightened their belts and shut the goal door storming back to earn the tie. Lockey lamp lighters were Matt Humber from Michael Johns & Jonathan Kukucska, Johns from Kukucska & Humber, and Mike Mansueti from Johns & Eddie Croft. Adcro aces were Dave Phillips from David Burke & Kultaran Singh, Manveer Lota from Alex Della Mora, and Aman Gill from Pratyush Bhandari & Della Mora.

French Glass Co.                      3
Salisbury Garden Supplies       0
Robert Legge for the French Glass Co. was able to block the opening between the pipes and get the shut-out for his team. French Glass go getters were Nico Armenio from Seamus McGee & Jason Oreskovic, Oreskovic from Gordon Tobin & Eric Langen, and Ryan Silveira from Oreskovic & McGee.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 10
Carney Plumbing          1
Foot clinic point getters were Cooper Bertrand, Owen Sclisszi, Russell Crouch, Christian Rasmussen, Chase Palmerio, Darcy & Thomas McClure, Jarod McHiliargey, Ryan Faria, Andrew Muir. Carney’s lone lamp lighter was Tyler Fell (unassisted).

Bolton Toyota  4
Nobletoyz        3
In a back-and-forth battle Bolton Toyota were able to pot one late in the 3rd to garner a victory. Bolton Toyota wheelers were David Dlugozima from Cindy Bachorski, Aman Grewal from Bachorski & Johnny Simoes, Grewal from Dlugozima & Jacob Mot-Wyatt, and Grewal from Simoes & Dillon Cole. Nobletoyz net nabbers were Ken Monroe from Michael Kadish & Ryan Hawley, Hawley from Tony Sousa & Nicholas Lewis, and Brandon Hynes from Sousa & Kadish.

Riverdale Fitness Mill   3
Rocky da Realtor          3
To wrap up the night the 2 undefeated teams in the league remained that way with neither team being able to best the other. Rocky’s rambunctious railers were Riley Valade from Emmett Gibney & Jordan Burke, Joey Barbosa from Valade, and Barbosa from Valade & Nick DeFazio. Riverdale’s runners were Mark Ebsary from Troy Smith, Ethan Firsoff from Luca Triolo & Andrew McClure, and Smith from Brennan Ciccotelli.