The first night of round robin action in the Inglewood Ball Hockey League has big scores, and some hot tempers.

Lockyer + Hein 8
Carney Plumbing 4
In a rematch from the last regular season game Lockyer & Carney faced off in the first round robin game of the 2022 playoffs.. Lockyer jumped out to a big first 2 frames while Carney was able to claw back and win the third. Lockyer lamp lighters were Brandon Verrinder (2g), Cody Gibson (4a), Kelvin Young (2a), Tyler Fell (3g,1a), Andy Williams (3g,1a) and Andrew Pearce (1a). Carney cage crashers were Travis Cassar from Chris Unwin & Ben Karstens, Unwin from Jess Turk Maiato, Mark Ebsary from Brian Dunn & Karstens, and Brandon Sinclair from Ebsary.

Adcro Group 12
Caledon Hills Cycling 0
Adcro point getters were Matt Scida, Nick Figliomeni, Phil Iozzo, Chris Peters, Sebastian Geraci, Chris Della Mora, Jimmy DeLeo, and Dave Phillips.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 7
Link Mechanical 1
Game 3 saw the big scores continue with Foot Clinic over Link Mechanical. After a tight first frame Foot Clinic stepped it up and took control of the final 2. Link’s laser was from Brent Atkins with help from David Dlugozima & Gavin D’Eri. Foot Clinic cage crashers were Mitch Banks (1g,2a), Owen Sclisizzi (3g,1a), Ethan Pacheco (2a), Cooper Bertrand (1g,2a), Andrew Muir (1g,2a), & Jonah Kennedy (1g,2a).

Pro Net Sports 5
Gold 2
In the last game of the first night of playoffs we had another matchup that was the same as the last night of the regular season and these teams carried some heat over from the past game. With tempers running high, Pro Net were able to win despite the large number of penalties that each team were handed. Pro Net net nabbers were Lucas Pontes from Seamus McGee & Eric Langen, Pontes from McGee, McGee from Pontes & Ryan DeLima, Tiago Medeiros from James Tielo & Jason Oreskovic, and Langen from Pontes & Tielo. Gold’s go to guys were Andrew McClure from Tyler Richards, and Ethan Firsoff from Tony Sousa & McClure.