May 5th, the first Thursday of the 2022 IBHL season has more close games and another shut-out.

Lockyer + Hein             6
Foot Clinic & Orthotics 5
In a tight even match Lockyer prevailed over the Foot Clinic crew with the one goal margin win.  Foot Clinic goal getters were Ryan Faria from Cooper Bertrand & Jonah Kennedy, Andrew Muir from Bertrand & Mitch Banks, Bertrand from Faria, Banks from Bertrand, and Muir from Bertrand & Russell Crouch.  Lockyer lamp lighters were Kelvin Young from Cody Gibson, Andy Williams (unassisted), Tyler Fell from Wendle Simpson, Williams from Fell & Gibson, Gibson from Simpson & Williams, and Williams from Young.

Adcro Group 2
Pro Net Sports 1
In an end to end battle, Adcro was able to come out on top with the win.  Adcro net nabbers were David Phillips from Phil Iozzo & Alex Della Mora, and Vince Figliomeni from Della Mora.  Pro Net’s lone lamp lighter was Ryan DeLima from Seamus McGee & Andrew Estevez.

Gold                            8
Caledon Hills Cycling 4
With a 6 goal third frame Gold was able to secure the win over Caledon Hills.  Gold goal getters were Travis Tancoo, Nav Grewal, Ethan Firsoff, Mike Ip, Joey Jacome & Andrew McClure.  Assists went to Tyler Richard, McClure, Jacome, Roger Firsoff, Luke Valade, Tancoo, Grewal 7 Tony Sousa.  Cycling cage crashers were Brandon Sinclair from Joe Cosentino & Cale McGitchie, Cosentino (unassisted), Ken Munroe from Michael Kadish, and Ryan Hawley (unassisted).

Link Mechanical   3
Carney Plumbing 0
Kyle Bachorski stopped all and got the shut-out for Link Mechanical.  Link’s lamp lighters were Marcelo Paparumborda from Nick DiFazio & Tony DiFazio, Brendan Dafoe from David Dlugozima & Claudio Gallippi, and Dlugozima from Gallippi.