Week 3, night 4, May 02 2023 in IBHL action has some big scores for the night.

Lockyer & Hein 9
Link Mechanical 0
John Kutt for Lockyer & Hein stood tall and turned away all for the shut-out. Point getters for Lockyer were Devon Dunkerley, Josh Van Amelsvoort, Chris Quayle, Cody Brennan, Carter Tremblay, Jake Sterritt, and Riley Valade.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 4
Bolton Toyota 1
Foot Clinic showed their speed and youth as they were able to out drive the Bolton Toyota crew. Foot Clinic go to guys were Hayden Heinrich with 2 and Ryan Faris & Jarod McHiliargey with singles. Assists came from the sticks of Mitch Banks, Cooper Bertrand, Ethan Pacheco, Heinrich, Josh Horvath, & Matthew Jaques. Bolton Toyota’s lone marksman was Eric Viveiros unassisted.

Riverdale Fitness Mill 10
Nobletoyz 2
Riverdale game sheet makers were Owen Adams, David Provanzano, Ethan Firsoff, Andrew McClure, Tyler Richards, Mark Ebsary, Troy Smith, Tyler Grant, Brennan Ciccotelli, & Sean Cromack. Nobletoyz net nabber was Derrick Noble with both, helped by Ken Monroe & Nick Lewis.

Adcro Group Ltd 2
Caledon Hills Cycling 0
Johnathan Crocetti earned the 2nd shut-out of the night as Adcro were able to stave off the Cycling onslaught of shots. Adcro go to guys were Dave Phillips from Manveer Lota & Fraser Neal, and Sebastian Geraci from Neal & Lota.

Gusto Restaurant Caledon 7
Carney Plumbing 1
The last game saw the Gusto Restaurant gang turn up the fire on the Carney Plumbing crew. Gusto tallies were from Cody Gibson, Kyle Young, Tyler Fell, Brandon Verrinder, & Cameron Randall. Carney’s lone lamplighter was Andrew Whale, unassisted.