Fast action, great games, upsets, and some poor sportsmanship was the night on June 20th in IBHL round robin play.

June 20th

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 6
Riverdale Fitness Mill 2
In the battle of the young guns, the fleet of foot, Foot Clinic & Orthotics fellows were able to outdistance the Riverdale Fitness Mill iron pumpers. Cooper Bertrand showed everyone how its done with 4 goals & a helper, with Hayden Heinrich adding a pair of goals and a pair of helpers, other helpers were from Owen Sclisszi with 2 and Ryan Faria, Chase Palmerio, Josh Horvath, Ethan Pacheco & Koen Heinrich with singles. Riverdale’s racers were Owen Adams from Brennan Ciccotelli, and Troy Smith from Mark Ebsary.

Adcro Group Ltd 7
Bolton Toyota 1
Johnathan Crocetti stood tall and stopped almost them all for Adcro, getting them the victory in a game that was way closer than the score indicated. Bolton Toyota’s go to guy was Keith Anderson from Amanpreet Grewal & Travis Tancoo. Adcro’s maintenance men were Chris Della Mora (1g,1a), Simran Mahal (4a), Fraser Neal (1a), Sebastian Geraci (4g,1a), Pietro DeMarchi (1g,2a), Alex Della Mora (2a), Dave Phillips (1a), and Connor Catenaro (1g).

Lockyer & Hein 5
Gusto Restaurant Caledon 5
In a nail biter neither team could best the other as both teams played hard in the end to end match that finished in a draw. Lockyer’s lawmakers were Nick Smith from Joey Smith & Jordan Burke, Burke from Smith & Smith, Devon Dunkerley (unassisted), Cody Brennan from Burke, and Brennan from Smith & Dunkerley. Gusto’s servers were Cody Gibson from Andy Williams, Gibson (unassisted), Wendle Simpson from Williams, Simpson from Mark Rice & Chris McCron, and Gibson from Rocco Manicone & Tyler Fell.

Nobletoyz 6
Carney Plumbing 4
In a great game the crew of Carney Plumbers couldn’t hold onto their 1st frame lead and ended up trying to stop the leaks that the Nobletoyz gamers were creating, which ultimately gave them (Nobletoyz) the win. Nobletoyz dice rollers were Nick Lewis from Derrick Noble & Michael Kadish, Kadish (unassisted), Lewis from Noble & Paul Zijlstra, Noble from Hunter MacGregor, Mark Zijlstra from Kadish & Noble, and Noble from Kadish. Carney’s pipe cleaners were Shawn Lane from Ben Karstens, Andrew Whale from Jess Turk Maiato & Karstens, Jed Franco from Lane, and Chris Unwin from Brandon Sinclair & goalie Giancarlo (John) Malanca.

Link Mechanical 4
Caledon Hills Cycling 3
In an upset the short-benched Link Mechanical ironmen took it to the Caledon Hills Cycling squad and held on to their 4 first period goals to garner the victory. Cindy Bachorski held her team in and was stalwart in keeping the ball out of the net, frustrating the Cyclers bringing out their poor sportsmanship while shaking hands and getting Link the victory. Cycling’s peddlers were Mike Azevedo from Carlos Medeiros & Jason Oreskovic, Oreskovic from Seamus McGee, and Oreskovic from Azevedo. Link’s lighting came from the sticks of Jess Gatt from Anthony Mellace, Noah Naccarato from Tony Sousa & Jakob Gatt, Naccarato from Sousa and keeper Cindy Bachorski, and Jakob Gatt from Jesse Gatt & Gavin D’Eri.