2 shut-outs, a blow out and tight match for IBHL action on May 24, 2022!

Pro Net Sports 8
Carney Plumbing 0
Robert Legge garnered the shut-out for Pro Net, not letting the Carney crew do anything. Point getters for Pro Net were Kevin Cordeiro, Jason Oreskovic, Eric Langen, Seamus McGee, Lucas Pontes, Carlos Medeiros, Phil Oreskovic, Ryan DeLima and James Tielo.

Adcro Property 4
Caledon Hills Cycling 0
In the 2nd shut-out of the night Johnathan Crocetti stood tall and turned away all for Adcro’s win. Adcro cage crashers were Chris Peters from Chris Della Mora & Fraser Neal, Sebastian Geraci from Peters & Dave Phillips, Geraci (unassisted), and Geraci from Peters & Della Mora.

Lockyer + Hein 5
Gold 1
Dylan Berry almost made it 3 shut-outs in a row for May 24th, but Gold was able to sneak one past the Lockyer + Hein tender with 15 seconds left in the 3rd. Gold’s goal getter was Mike Ip from Roger Firsoff & Nav Grewal. Lockyer lamp lighters were Kyle Young from Marco Franza, Franza from Cody Gibson, Gibson from Wendle Simpson, Tyler Fell from Franza & Andy Williams, and Gibson (unassisted).

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 3
Link Mechanical 2
In a close match, the young guns from Foot clinic were able to get the win aver Link Mechanical. Foot Clinic bin bulgers were Russell Crouch from Andrew Muir & Austin Tremblay, Owen Sclisizzi from Cooper Bertrand & Mitch Banks, and Banks from Bertrand & Sclisizzi. Link lamp lighters were Brendan Dafoe from David Dlugozima & Nick DiFazio, and Dafoe from DiFazio & Gavin D’Eri.