The 3rd night of the 2024 IBHL Round Robin Playoffs has hot temperatures and the goal light working overtime!

June 18, 2024

Foot Clinic & Orthotics          11
Carney Plumbing                    1
Foot Clinic cage crashers were Cooper Bertrand, Hayden Heinrich, Koen Heinrich, & Andrew Muir, with help from Owen Sclisszi, Jarod McHiliargey, Chase Palmerio, Bertrand, K & H Heinrich, Josh Horvath, & Darcy McClure. Carney’s lone lamp lighter was Kyle Young from Tyler Fell & Shannon Tucker.

Adcro Group Ltd.       10
Nobletoyz                    2
Adcro Group goal getters were Chris Della Mora, Alex Della Mora, Sebastian Geraci, Chris Peters, Harry Singh, & Simran Mahal, assists came from the sticks of A & C Della Mora, Mahal, David Burke, Jason Kooner, Geraci, & Manveer Lota (goalie). Nobletoyz net nabbers were Tony Sousa from Mark Benjamin & Derrick Noble, and Travis Tancoo from Bradan Vanstone & Randy Garcha.

Riverdale Fitness Mill 10
Bolton Toyota             0
Riverdale racers were Andrew McClure, Mark Ebsary, Michael Ebsary, Troy Smith, Robert Lenstra, & David Provanzano, aided by McClure, Luca Triolo, M & M Ebsary, Ethan Firsoff, Brennen Ciccotelli, Provanzano, & Kyle Downey (goalie).

Gusto Restaurant Caledon      5
Lockyer + Hein                       2
In the only close one of the night Gusto’s get up and go was just a little much for the Lockyer lads. Gusto’s twine ticklers were Carlo Luciani from JP Soares & Hayden Ramsay, Lawson Ramsay from Curtis Erskine, JP Soares from Luciani & H Ramsay, Josh Soares from L Ramsay, and Josh Soares from Marcus Carroll & Joshua DaCosta. Lockyer’s lamp lighters were Michael johns from Jonathan Kukucska, and Travis Watts from Johns & Jordan Beatty.

French Glass Co                     8
Salisbury Garden Supplies      0
French Glass point getters were Jason & Phil Oreskovic, Ryan Silveira, Mike Azevedo, Mike Rockall, Seamus McGee, Gordon Tobin, Carlos Medeiros, & Eric Langen.