Big scores, tight matches, blowouts, ties and a penalty shot rounded up the two nights of Inglewood Ball Hockey league play for the week of May 23rd & 25th, 2023.

May 23

Caledon Hills Cycling 6
Link Mechanical 2
Starting the week off were the guys from Caledon Hills, winners from the last season (under a different sponsor this year), waking up in the 2nd frame to take the wind out of the sails of the Link Mechanical masters. Link scored first with Jesse Gatt from Kolby Welsh & Jakob Gatt and then they added another in the 2nd when Welsh found the back of the net from Jesse Gatt & Gavin D’Eri. Caledon Hills cycled up the hill and netted 3 in both the second & third frames. Pedal pushers for the Cycling crew were Lucas Pontes from Mike Azevedo & Seamus McGee, Azevedo from McGee and Jason Oreskovic, Oreskovic from McGee & Azevedo, Azevedo from Oreskovic & McGee (we are starting to see a theme here), Eric Langen from Ryan DeLima & Tiago Medeiros, and McGee from J Oreskovic & Phil Oreskovic.

Bolton Toyota 5
Carney Plumbing 2
Game 2 of night one of the double header week saw Bolton Toyota rev the engine and peel out with the win over the pipe flushing Carney Plumbing crew. Toyota got onto the board with only .01 seconds left in the first to gain the lead with Eric Viveiros from Travis Tancoo putting it in. Viveiros from Tancoo & Shamir Saleem and Michael Sampson from Jake Power rounded out the second for Toyota, while Carney did their own impression of the buzzer beater adding their first of the night with .08 seconds left in the frame when Ben Karstens from Chris Unwin put it home. The last frame saw Viveiros round out his hat-trick from Power & Sampson, and Sampson from David Burke ended Toyota’s night. Carney did add one more in the 3rd when Andrew Whale from Brandon Sinclair & Brian Dunn found the back of the twine tent.

Adcro Group Ltd 2
Riverdale Fitness Mill 1
In a nail biter with back and forth action at both ends, each keeper was stingy and held fast. Johnathan Crocetti for Adcro was nearly unbeatable with only Andrew McClure from Tyler Richards & Cody O’Neil potting one for Riverdale. Meanwhile substitute goalie Ty Harris stood tall and only allowed 2 past him, with Sebastian Geraci (unassisted) and Chris Peters from Connor Catenaro and Dave Phillips were the Adcro aces.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 5
Gusto Restaurant Caledon 2
Two’s were starting to be the theme for the night with the first 4 games each either winning with 2 or losing with 2, as Gusto found out the 2 wasn’t enough to slow the Foot. Gusto came out with the gas on high and potted one late in the 1st when Cody Gibson from Andy Williams put it in the fire. Foot Clinic answered back in the 2nd when Owen Sclisizzi from Cooper Bertrand found their footing and nabbed net. That second frame marker sparked the Foot Clinic to be more fleet of foot and the potted 4 in the last period. Flashing their hands for Foot Clinic were Bertrand (unassisted), Bertrand from Chase Palmerio, Andrew Muir from Sclisizzi & Jarod McHiliargey, and Sclisizzi from Bertrand & Muir. Gusto found a little more in the tank and Gibson from Wendle Simpson & Jacob Mota-Wyatt put in one more, but that was as close as it would get.

Nobletoyz 1
Lockyer & Hein 1
The last one of the night saw Mark Benjamin (Nobletoyz) and John Kutt (Lockyer & Hein) show what they were made of by blocking all but one for a solid 3 periods. Nobletoyz drew first blood when Nick Lewis (unassisted) found the back of the bin. Carter Tremblay from Devon Dunkerley was the Lockyer lamplighter late in the 3rd.

May 25

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 14
Nobletoyz 3
Well it was bound to happen Foot Clinic’s Cooper Bertrand stepped it up and earned himself 13 points in this game with Owen Sclisizzi not far off getting 10, Chase Palmerio got a couple as did Josh Horvath and Christian Rasmussen got on the sheet 4 times, with Ethan Pacheco, Jarod McHiliargey, Matt Jaques & Ryan Faria each helping out in their own way. Nobletoyz were able to unwrap some presents and potted 3 and earned a penalty shot, which doesn’t happen often in ball hockey, even though they weren’t successful it did add some more excitement to the game. Nobletoyz caped crusaders were Nick Lewis from Michael Kadish, Kadish (unassisted) & Kadish from Derek Benjamin.

Gusto Restaurant Caledon 8
Link Mechanical 2
Gusto Restaurant was cooking on high on the Thursday night special showing no mercy and no meal deals. Gusto’s high fryers were Brandon Verrinder (1g), Cody Gibson (1g,3a), John Simoes (2a), Mike O’Reilly (2a), Rocco Manicone (1a), Jacob Mota-Wyatt (2g,2a), Tyler Fell (1g,3a), Wendle Simpson (2g), Cameron Randall (1g,1a), & Kelvin Young (2a). Link’s lamp lighter was Jesse Gatt from Jakob Gatt, each with a pair of points.

Lockyer & Hein 3
Bolton Toyota 1
Lockyer & Hein laid down the law and upheld all in court this night taking control and putting one away in each period. Devon Dunkerley from Cody Brennan & Mitch Banks were the lawmakers in the 1st, Brennan from Banks & Josh Van Amelsvoort sentenced in the second, and Jordan Burke (unassisted) was the judge and jury in the 3rd. Jake Power from Shamir Saleem was the only appeal heard and got Bolton Toyota on the docket.

Adcro Group Ltd 6
Carney Plumbing 1
Adcro Group showed why they were in first place all of last season and are again in this one as they came out churning and burning to take it to the Carney Plumbing crew. Adcro aces were played by Sebastian Geraci with the hat-trick , Matt Scida with a pair and Fernando Zambito with the single. The dealers were Geraci, Johnathan Crocetti (the goalie), Scida, Chris & Alex Della Mora, Dave Phillips, Zambito, and Michael Ianni. Carney’s leak stopper was Ben Karstens from Matthew Bis & Brian Dunn.

Caledon Hills Cycling 2
Riverdale Fitness Mill 1
In a tight match, with neither team wanting to give much, Robert Legge was able to keep one extra out of the shrine for the Caledon Hills heroes, while Chis Harris did all he could for the Riverdale Fitness Mill showing his athletic abilities and stopping all but 2. Riverdale’s lone class leader was Andrew McClure from Brennan Ciccotelli & Mark Ebsary. Caledon Hills Cycling gear masters were Jason Oreskovic from Seamus McGee & Mike Azevedo, and McGee from Oreskovic.