Double header week in IBHL round robin playoff action has bigger scores and tougher play.

Adcro Group Ltd 5
Gold 0
Jonathan Crocetti wasn’t to be beaten on this night as he stopped all that came towards him and got the shut-out to lead his team to victory.  Adcro net nabbers were Dave Phillips from Nick Figliomeni & Chris Della Mora, Sebastian Geraci from Vince Figliomeni & Phillips, Geraci from Nick Figliomeni & Della Mora, Phillips from Jeff Nugent & V Figliomeni, and Geraci from Phillips & Conner Catenaro.

Pro Net Sports 8
Caledon Hills Cycling 2
In a game that was closer than the score indicated, Caledon Hills wasn’t able to match the scoring power of Pro Net.  Pro Net point getters were Lucas Pontes (2g,3a), Seamus McGee (1g,3a), Shawn Vultao (1a), Kevin Cordeiro (2g), Eric Langen (2a), Carlos Medeiros (1g,1a), Ryan Delima (1g), Tiago Medeiros (1a), Phil Oreskovic (2a), & Mike Ghaly (1a).  Caledon Hills cage crashers were Alex Rodriguez from Cale McGitchie, and Matt Sharpe from Rodriguez.

Lockyer and Hein LLP 3
Link Mechanical 2
In a tight match, again with both teams short-benched, Lockyer was able to pull out the win over Link Mechanical.  Links lamp lighters were Brendan Dafoe from Claudio Gallippi, and Gavin D’Eri (unassisted). Lockyer’s twine ticklers were Cody Gibson from Kyle Young & Tyler Fell, Kelvin Young from Gibson, and Marco Franza from Andy Williams.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 7
Carney Plumbing 3
In a game with a big score the game was much more evenly matched than one would think, with each period only being 2-1 (with an empty net goal in the 3rd for the third goal of that frame), the old guard from Carney and the young guns of Foot Clinic played the best game of the night with solid action at c\both ends of the floor.  Carney’ cage crashers were Brandon Sinclair from Dave Phillips, Shawn Lane from Chris Unwin & Michael Ebsary, and Phillips from Ebsary & Mark Ebsary.  Foot Clinic finishers were Austin Tremblay (1g,3a), Russell Crouch (2a), Andrew Muir (1g), Mitch Banks (2g,2a), Nick Hallsworth (2a), and Cooper Bertrand (2g,1a).