June 25th has big scores to round out the month in IBHL round robin playoff play.

Gusto Restaurant Caledon      5
Salisbury Garden Supplies     1
Gusto Restaurant took the orders and the game over Salisbury Garden Supplies. Gusto go to guys were Carlo Luciani from JP Soares & Hayden Ramsay, Jeff Simpson from Marcus Carroll, Daniel Wall from Griffen Ramsay, Marcello Luciani from Lawson Ramsay, and JP Soares from Nick Luciani. Salisbury’s sniper was Brayden Charlton from Tyler Grant.

Riverdale Fitness Mill 5
Lockyer + Hein           1
Game 2 of the night was pretty much a repeat of game 1 with Riverdale Fitness running over the Lockyer + Hein lads. Riverdale’s racers were Andrew McClure from Owen Adams & Michael Ebsary, Mark Ebsary from McClure & Luca Triolo, Troy Smith from Sean Cromack, Triolo from McClure, and Mark Ebsary from McClure. Lockyer’s laser was fired by Mike Mansueti from Jonathan Kukucska & Andrew Whale.

Adcro Group Ltd        7
Bolton Toyota             1
Game 3 saw the aces from Adcro Group Ltd step up and plant themselves in front of the net of Bolton Toyota and take the victory. Adcro scorers were Sebastian Geraci (2g), Dave Phillips (1a), Kultaran Singh (1a), Chris Peters (1g), Simran Mahal (1g,3a), Chis Millman (2g), Chris Della Mora (1g,1a), David burke (2a), & Nick Figliomeni (3a). Toyota’s tire turner was David Dlugozima from Blake Cutone.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics          15
Nobletoyz                                1
Foot Clinic point getters were Cooper Bertrand, Owen Sclisszi, Andre Muir, Jarod McHiliargey, Hayden & Koen Heinrich, Thomas McClure, Chase Palmerio, Ethan Pacheco, & Josh Horvath. Mark Benjamin (unassisted) was Nobletoyz net nabber.

Rocky da Realtor        11
Carney Plumbing        2
Rocky’s point getters were Nick Barbosa, Steve Luongo, Matt Cardadeiro, Joey Barbosa, Franco Zuccato, Chris Cola, & Emmett Gibney. Carney’s cage crasher was JP Kamber with both, helped by Jeff Nugent & Mark Rice.