Big scores and close games in IBHL action for May 10th.

Pro Net Sports          12
Caledon Hills Cycling 0
Point getters for Pro Net were Kevin Cordeiro, Lucas Pontes, Phil Oreskovic, Seamus McGee, Jason Oreskovic, Eric Langden, James Tielo, and Matt Armstrong.

Lockyer + Hein  9
Link Mechanical 0
Point getters for Lockyer were Wendle Simpson, Andy Williams, Cody Gibson, Tyler Fell, Kelvin Young, Ryan McKee, Marco Franza, Chris McCron, Jeff Ferguson, Dylan Berry and Brandon Verrinder.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 7
Carney Plumbing         4
With balanced scoring, Foot Clinic was able to push past Carney and get the win.  Foot Clinic cage crashers were Russell Crouch, Ryan Faria & Andrew Muir with 2 each and Mitch Banks with the single.  Helpers were Faria, Chase Palmerio, Muir, Austin Tremblay, and Jonah Kennedy.  Carney lamp lighters were Brandon Sinclair (unassisted), Shawn Lane from Robert Tryon & Jessica Turk Maiato, Nick Trido from Chris Unwin & Tryon, and Tryon from Lane.

Adcro Group 4
Gold              2
In the last game we saw Adcro continue on their winning ways with the win over Gold.  Gold goal getters were Ethan Firsoff from Joey Jacome & Ryan Slack, and Tony Sousa from Travis Tancoo & David Burke.  Adcro advancers were Alex Della Mors from Chris Della Mora, Fraser Neal from C Della Mora, Jimmy DeLeo from Nick Figliomeni & Sebastian Geraci, and C Della Mora from Geraci